WITHIN THE WOODS OF UNDEAD COUNTY (2016) Reviews and overview


‘They escaped into the woods, where they thought it was safe. They were followed…’

Within the Woods of Undead County is a 2016 American science fiction horror film about a group of people attempting to escape from the zombie apocalypse. It was directed by Nicholas Paul Pontoski from a screenplay co-written with Justin Stephens. The movie  film stars Gabriella Harry, Mike Motyl, Cory Handelong and Angela McCormick.


After the release of an experimental pharmaceutical drug turns the local residents into the undead, four individuals escape into the surrounding woods outside Philadelphia.

Armed with just melee weapons and an old map, the group journeys through the forest in searching for any signs of safety. However, they learned that their journey into isolation turned out to be fight for survival. Jocelyn, Ashm, Matt, and Kelly have to find ways to work together to survive…


doesn’t bring anything new to the table and it doesn’t give us a groundbreaking story, but it is a sliver of time in the zombie apocalypse that’s going to entertain you the whole way through […] It was an unexpectedly sharp, gory and fun feature.” Michael Therkelsen, Horror Society


Within The Woods of Undead County is an independent zombie film, which was released on DVD on June 18th, 2019, with Blu-ray and Internet media providers, such as Amazon Prime, Roku, and Netflix, coming in the near future.

The film was shot entirely in Northeast Pennsylvania by local Indie filmmakers, specifically in the town of Tamaqua and city of Wilkes Barre. The film was entirely funded by the filmmakers involved along with some generous donations given by those who anticipate the success of the movie. It was shot digitally on a Panasonic DSM camera and shot in full anamorphic.

The movie had a sold-out red carpet premiere at the historic Angela Complex Theatre in Coaldale Pennsylvania, which all profits were donated to the American Cancer Society. Order DVD direct  from Screamtime Films, here

Cast and characters:

  • Gabriella Harry … Jocelyn
  • Mike Motyl … Ashm
  • Cory Handelong … Matt
  • Angela McCormick … Kelly
  • Erin Weinberger … Carol
  • TJ Chinaski … Hillbilly
  • William Heitmann … Douglas Young / Thug #1
  • Mike Henry … Thug #2
  • Robert Miller … Thug #3
  • Joshua Telepohl … Thug #4
  • Matthew Noia … Nathaniel Willin
  • Brigette Namata … Reporter
  • Melinda Hatt … Fake Shemp #1
  • Allison Morales … Fake Shemp #2

Technical details:

Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio: 2.66:1

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