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Dark Sense is a 2019 Scottish-British horror thriller feature film about a powerful psychic who is pitted against a relentless psychopath.

Directed by Magnus Wake from a screenplay written by Geoff Dupuy-Holder and Alistair Rutherford, based on the novel First and Only by Peter Flannery. The Encaptivate-First and Only production stars Shane O’Meara, James Robinson, Jim Sturgeon, Kim Allan, Margaret Ann Bain, Gordon Kennedy and Siobhan Redmond.


Simon, a powerful psychic, has seen his future – a serial killer will inflict excruciating pain leading to his death. He has just four days to change the future… if he can. As a boy, Simon had another vision – of the killer slaughtering a family friend. Simon couldn’t stop that crime, and the tragedy traumatised him, leaving him unable to really use his powers.

In the present, Simon hires a troubled ex-SAS soldier as a bodyguard. But when MI5 intervenes and tries to grab Simon for their own nefarious purposes, the plan goes awry. With his bodyguard out of action, the killer murders his way closer and closer to Simon…


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“It is difficult to put into words what makes the film stand out so much from others of the same genre. Perhaps the Scottish setting, perhaps the atypical leads, perhaps the captivating story with its clever little intrigues […] it’s about as wholesome as a movie about a skin-removing psycho can get; a really enjoyable film about really horrible happenings.” Nevermore Horror

“The idea of a psychic who has visions of a killer’s crimes isn’t a new one. However, the way it’s told here is, apart from a slight nod to Brian De Palma’s The Fury, a fairly unique one […] As horrific as the murders Mal (James Robinson) commits are, there’s little blood to be seen. Mal himself is a bit undeveloped until near the film’s end.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • James Robinson … Mal
  • Siobhan Redmond … Amelia Watkins
  • Gordon Kennedy … Darren Simpson
  • Maggie Bain … Sonia Chatham (as Margaret Ann Bain)
  • Jim Sturgeon … Steve Brennus
  • Kim Allan … Alison
  • Sharon Young … Christine
  • Shane O’Meara … Simon
  • Kenny Blyth … PC Cearns
  • Kern Falconer … Professor Richet
  • Alasdair Hankinson … Gifford
  • Corin Edgar Robert … Young Simon

Technical details:

93 minutes

Image credits: Nevermore Horror

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