The Fury – USA, 1978

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The Fury is a 1978 supernatural thriller film directed by Brian De Palma (Phantom of the ParadiseCarrie, Dressed to Kill) from a screenplay by John Farris, based on his novel of the same name.

Main cast:

Kirk Douglas (Holocaust 2000), John Cassavetes (Incubus), Carrie Snodgress, Amy Irving, Charles Durning (When a Stranger Calls) and Andrew Stevens.

James Belushi made his uncredited screen debut as a beach bum. The music score was composed by John Williams (Jaws).

In order to realistically show Cassavetes exploding at the climax, Cassavetes stood on the set convulsing and bleeding until a lamp fell down creating a split-second white flash on the screen. Then a quick edit is done replacing Cassavetes with a life-sized rigged dummy exploding shot at several different angles.



Peter Sandza (Kirk Douglas) is a Secret Service agent whose son Robin has psychic powers. Whilst holidaying with Robin and fellow agent Childress (John Cassavetes) they are attacked by what seems to be a gang of terrorists and Robin is kidnapped. However, when Sandzer discovers that the attack was masterminded by Childress, who wants to corrupt then sell Robin’s powers, he enlists the help of another psychic (Amy Irving) to track his son down – but will they be too late?



The telekinetic scenes are impressive, ranging from mass destruction to unnerving moments of small horror – Irving grasping the hand of Charles Durning, bloodily opening up an old wound as she psychically sees what happened to Robin, or simply causing a bitchy classmate’s nose to start bleeding are chillingly handled.

And of course, the film’s final sequence is literally explosive – a moment of breathtaking gore and physical destruction that sits alongside The Omen‘s decapitation scene as one of the most iconic horror moments of the 1970s.

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Other reviews:

“As an exercise in logic or restraint The Fury obviously comes up lacking, but as an early example of Hollywood junk food treated like a high art thrill machine, The Fury has few peers.” Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

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The Fury is a stylish entertainment, fast-paced, and acted with great energy. I’m not quite sure it makes a lot of sense, but that’s the sort of criticism you only make after it’s over. During the movie, too much else is happening.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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“Arrow Video’s upcoming Blu-ray release of director Brian De Palma’s The Fury is a thing of beauty. Treated with a brand new high-definition transfer struck from the original camera negative, the film looks exceptionally healthy, the best it ever has.”

Cast and characters:

Kirk Douglas as Peter Sandza

John Cassavetes as Ben Childress

Carrie Snodgress as Hester

Charles Durning as Doctor Jim McKeever

Amy Irving as Gillian Bellaver

Fiona Lewis as Doctor Susan Charles

Andrew Stevens as Robin Sandza

Carol Rossen as Doctor Ellen Lindstrom

Rutanya Alda as Kristen

Joyce Easton as Katharine Bellaver

William Finley as Raymond Dunwoodie

Daryl Hannah as Pam

Jane Lambert as Vivian Nuckells

Sam Laws as Blackfish

J. Patrick McNamara as Robertson

Alice Nunn as Mrs. Callahan

Melody Thomas Scott as La Rue

Hilary Thompson as Cheryl

Patrick Billingsley as Lander

J. P. Bumstead as Greene

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