KUTUK (2019) Indonesian horror


Kutuk is a 2019 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film about a young woman terrorised by the spirits in the nursing homes where she works.

Directed by Rudi Aryanto from a screenplay co-written by Fajar Umbara and Shandy Aulia, the Scene Avenue Movies-Open Door Films production stars Shandy Aulia (Rasuk; The Doll; Tarot), Alice Norin (Psikopat), Stuart Collin and Vitta Mariana Barrazza.


Maya (Shandy Aulia) works in a nursing home. She often smells foul aromas in her room. Outside her room, she hears strange sounds every night.

Confused and fearful, Maya has always received support from Elena (Alice Norin), a well-meaning and wise homeowner; this support contrasts with the cruel attitude of Vexa Mariana (Vitta Mariana) who appears to dislike Maya’s presence.

Maya meets Reno (Bryan McKenzie), a young man who often works for a nursing home. Reno warns Maya to leave the nursing home immediately, on the grounds that the place has a dark side that will soon endanger her. Reno’s warning is proven by the deaths of the elderly in nursing homes. Death after death makes Maya start to understand how it can happen…


Kutuk was released in Indonesia on 25 July 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Shandy Aulia … Maya
  • Alice Norin … Elena
  • Stuart Collin … Sean
  • Vitta Mariana Barrazza … Gendis
  • Bryan McKenzie … Reno
  • Laxmi Darra … Alya
  • Erwin Bagindo
  • R. Ade Puspa
  • Nek Acih
  • Abah Yongki

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