WE ARE NOT ALONE (2016) Reviews and overview

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We Are Not Alone is a 2016 Peruvian supernatural horror feature film about a young couple and their daughter being terrified by an evil presence.

Written and directed by Daniel Rodríguez Risco [as Daniel Rodríguez], No estamos solos stars Marco Zunino, Fiorella Díaz, Lucho Cáceres and Zoe Arévalo.


Mateo, his eight-year-old daughter Sofía and his fiancée Mónica move into an old house outside the capital. Since the first night, Sofía feels something disturbing inside the house, but her father doesn’t believe her and attributes the child’s warnings as tantrums.

As the evil presence begins to take over Monica and further terrify the child, Mateo is forced to question his strong beliefs and requests the help of a priest, one who faced the same evil as a young man. However, the stakes have grown. Mateo and the priest must now save the child and face the evil that threatens to take over Mónica, making the ultimate sacrifice…


“The biggest weakness of the film is that if you have seen The Conjuring, you have seen this. The two films are a little too similar. This one is a bit more understated, but a lot of the scary moments are going to be predictable. In the end, we have a well made, but familiar tale. I think people in the mood for this type of movie will be mostly satisfied.” Jay Hates Movies

“To be fair, this isn’t a bad film as such. The characters are well-drawn, it’s well shot and has some genuinely creepy moments. But the fact that it adds literally nothing new to the genre really harms it.” Slig001, Letterboxd

“The plot is the same everyone knows, without anything new, no originality at all. I don’t think a movie necessarily have to be original, but a completely generic plot is insulting to the audience […] The acting is good enough, and the cinematography, for me, is the star of the movie. Sadly, that’s it, I can’t of anything else to mention as a good thing with this movie.” MH dos Santos, Ulven Reviews

“Despite the overly familiar subject matter, it’s only 75 minutes long, which is a blessing, and it moves along at a decent pace. The film also benefits from the cool grey-tinged cinematography. Too bad that the bulk of the running time is devoted to a lot of fake scares, most of which revolve around the stepdaughter springing up where she shouldn’t.” Mitch Lovell, The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

  • Marco Zunino … Mateo
  • Fiorella Díaz … Mónica
  • Lucho Cáceres … Padre Rafael
  • Zoe Arévalo … Sofía
  • Jimena Lindo … Victoria
  • Matías Raygada … Gabriel
  • Fernando Bacilio … Monje
  • Ubaldo Huamán … Félix
  • Sandro Calderón … Policeman 1
  • Dante del Águila … Policeman 2
  • Paul Vega … Foto Ricardo

Technical details:

75 minutes

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