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Caved In is a 2006 American-Canadian horror film about a group of criminals seeking huge emeralds in an old mine guarded by giant beetles. Also known as Caved In: Prehistoric Terror

Directed by Richard Pepin (The Sender, 1998; Dark Breed; Cyber Tracker and its sequel) from a screenplay written by Neil Elman (House of the Witch; Lavalantula and sequel; The Sea Beast; et al).

The movie stars Christopher Atkins (One Remains; 13th Child), Colm Meaney (The Secrets of Emily Blair), Angela Featherstone (Beneath the Dark), Monica Barladeanu and David Palffy (Bloodsuckers).


Pretending to be extreme adventurers, a group of thieves hire a caving expert to take them into an old salt mine in Switzerland which was shut down in 1948 after a mysterious cave in.

The criminals are searching for a hidden cavern full of huge emeralds, however, they encounter a horde of hungry giant beetles first…


“Unlike The DescentThe Cave et al, Caved In has not gone on location in genuine caves but was shot on a studio set in Romania. Unfortunately, the difference between the two is apparent – the mine floors here look too flat and the walls just too clean to seem like real cave locations.” Moria 

Caved In is not a good movie and one which after spending 93 minutes watching had not got the energy or enthusiasm to write more than the bare minimum on it. If you enjoy bad movies there is a chance this may amuse but watched for action it is simply terrible.” The Movie Scene

“Arguably the worst-looking effects are the sets. We find out that, in a convenient state of affairs, the power to the mine still works so everything is lit up. However, the sets are too well lit and it’s like walking in the daylight sun at times. Whatever happened to underground caves being pitch black?” Popcorn Pictures

” …at some points it’s laughable, and several of the characters are never in any danger at all, as the movie is incapable of doing anything inventive like kill off a member of the main family. The problem with the predictability is the film becomes uninteresting.” Tars Tarkas

Cast and characters:

Christopher Atkins … John Palmer
Colm Meaney … Vincent
Angela Featherstone … Samantha Palmer
Monica Barladeanu … Sophie (as Monica Birladeanu)
David Palffy … Marcel
Chelan Simmons … Emily Palmer
Stevie Mitchell … Miles Palmer
Marius Chivu … Hanz
Cristian Popa … Stephan
Vlad Jipa … Carlo (as Tudor Vlad Jipa)
Razvan Popa … Muller
Marius Capota … Ion
Dan Sandulescu … Luciano
Adrian Pintea … Supervisor Frisch

Filming locations:

Kentauros Studios, Bucharest, Romania

Technical details:

93 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


Full film free to watch online:

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