Slaughterhouse Slumber Party – USA, 2019 – with initial reviews

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party is a 2019 American comedy horror feature film about an all-female party that goes to Hell.

Written and directed by Dustin Mills (Ouija: Blood Ritual; Her Name Was Torment; Easter Casket; Bath Salt Zombies; et al), the movie stars Jason Crowe, Kayla Elizabeth, Ariel Nicole Jarchow and Roni Jonah.


What started as the debased annual slumber party for a tight-knit group of gal pals becomes a fight for their lives when supernatural evil threatens to destroy the world…


“The acting in this one is great. The entire cast was funny to watch and nice to look at. Each character in the film has their own personality with the cast doing a fantastic job bringing those to life. Some characters are funny and carry the scenes while others are more grounded which helps the story move along.” Horror Society

“The actresses have great chemistry even when the acting is maybe not so great. There is an ambitious amount of visual effects going on, hardly realistic, that add to the whimsical tone of the movie. Though knowing Marcus Koch was involved, I kind of wanted more practical splatter […] It gets less interesting when it shifts into Evil Dead mode. Sharp and fun, yet corny and aimless.” Letterboxd

Choice dialogue:

Gretchen: “The special effects of those movies are laughable. The scripts are trite and poorly constructed. Her message of feminine power is totally drowned out by her insistence on appearing nude in every scene. Those movies are created for twelve-year-old boys… and idiots.”


The world premiere of Slaughterhouse Slumber Party will take place at the 2019 Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio (running October 24-27).

Cast and characters:

  • Jason Crowe … Angry Skeleton
  • Kayla Elizabeth … Carol Anne
  • Ariel Nicole Jarchow … Rocket von Ribcage
  • Roni Jonah … Langley
  • Marcus Koch … Nervous Man
  • J. Ania Lupa … Gretchen
  • Haley Madison … Courtney
  • Erin R. Ryan … Lennon
  • Alyss Winkler … Stoya
  • Reagan Wright … Blanche
  • Melissa Sue Zahs … Moon


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