TABERNACLE 101 (2019) Reviews and overview

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‘The nightmare has just begun’

Tabernacle 101 is a 2019 Australian supernatural horror feature film about an atheist who sets out to disprove the afterlife but opens a portal between the dimensions instead.

Written and directed by Colm O’Murchu (Dealing with Destiny; The Makeover), the International Film Base production stars David Hov, Mikaela Franco, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Alex McTavish, Rees Laird, Leon Kowalski and Eddy Price.


Atheist Frank Bonetti creates a death experiment to prove that there is no afterlife. It goes terribly wrong, opening a portal to Hell. Evil entities stalk him and the only way he can fight back is to ally with Australia’s most respected medium Meredith Palin. Up against impossible odds, can they succeed?


“This film is not going into any hall of fame or anything, and it certainly has to grow on you, but Tabernacle 101is undeniably entertaining in a trash-tv sort of way. I could find myself absolutely binge-watching this in an episodic format, which might be a good thing to do with the material.” Lorry Kikta, Film Threat

Tabernacle 101 is too bonkers of a movie to ignore. You’ll roll your eyes at the obviousness of it all, Christian, Atheist or otherwise. But, instead of delivering a tacky message about the power of belief, you’re treated to a deliciously fun ride as a modern-day Jesus fights Cyber Crime enthusiast Demons.” Brandon Streussnig, The Movie Sleuth

“At times it can feel even a little preachy with the atheist discovering religious beliefs are true plotline, and the evil forces here are lame, to put it mildly, yet it has some heart to what was going on. Maybe with a more compelling lead character this had become something really special, but as it is, despite its flaws it was an enjoyable film.” Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

” …most of the effects have a simple, old school feel to them. Bolts of energy shoot from people’s hands. There’s a mysterious glowing orb, demons that look almost human, a glowing inverted cross in someone’s chest. All done nicely and within the budget rather than trying to be overwhelming and falling short.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony


30 August 2019 at Arena Cinelounge Hollywood, distributed by Indie Rights Movies.

Cast and characters:

  • David Hov … Frank
  • Mikaela Franco … Meredith
  • Elly Hiraani Clapin … Sarah
  • Alex McTavish … Kathryn
  • Rees Laird … Daniel
  • Leon Kowalski … Clint
  • Eddy Price … Demon / Antagonist
  • Jordan Schutt … Man in Black / Demon
  • Jessica Racz … Michelle
  • Victoria Ferrara … Female Demon
  • Yolandi Franken … Girlfriend
  • Kristy Brooks … Bar Lady
  • Peter McAllum … Various Characters (voice)
  • Lance Bonza … Police Officer / Man in Black
  • Michael McHugh … Tourist

Filming locations:

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Technical details:

  • 98 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby Digital

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