Warning: Do Not Play – South Korea, 2019 – review

Warning: Do Not Play is a 2019 South Korean horror feature film about an urban legend concerning a scary movie that was supposedly directed by a real-life ghost.

Written and directed by Kim Ji-won (The Butcher), the movie stars Seon-kyu Jin, Bo-ra Kim, and Ye-ji Seo.


A would-be female filmmaker, Mi-jeong,  investigates the urban myth based around a horror film that was allegedly directed a genuine ghost. During her search, she meets Jae-hyeon, the real director of the movie…

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“While Seo Ye-ji is engaging as a heroine who cannot help but driven her curiosity despite the sense of dread accumulating around her, Jin Seon-kyu looks suitably scared and disturbed as required, and Ji Yoon-ho is also solid in his small but crucial supporting role. In conclusion, Warning: Do Not Play is an enjoyable genre piece…” Seongyong’s Private Place


Warning: Do Not Play was released in South Korea on August 15th, 2019.

Technical details:

86 minutes

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Image credits: Seongyong’s Private Place

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