SHE NEVER DIED (2019) Reviews and overview

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She Never Died is a 2019 Canadian supernatural horror feature film and a sequel to He Never Died (2015), which starred Henry Rollins.

Directed by Audrey Cummings (Darken; Tormented) from a screenplay written by Jason Krawczyk (writer-director of He Never Died), the Alternate Ending Studios production stars Olunike Adeliyi (The Prodigy; Darken; The Returned; Saw 3D), Peter MacNeill (The Exorcism of Molly Hartley; Regression; Bag of Bones), Kiana Madeira (Fear Street; Level 16) and Michelle Nolden (A Christmas Horror Story; Carrie 2013; Haunter).


Lacey (Olunike Adeliyi), a socially detached loner is cursed with immortality and the never-ending tedium of existence. In her attempts to keep her compulsions in check, she seeks out the darkest souls humanity has to offer. Lacey must now face her own inner demons while simultaneously finding her next meal…


“Whilst She Never Died seldom quite lives up to the heights of the original, a full-blooded performance from Olunike Adeliyi ensures that it’s an enthralling and compelling horror. The chemistry between Lacey and Suzzie adds a whole new dynamic to the story and there’s a refreshing macabre humour throughout. She Never Died is a vibrant slice of genre cinema…” Backseat Mafia

“Wise words dot dialogue with sharp bites, cheeky conversations, and thematic purpose that waits until the end before straying into interpretive obliqueness. Thoughtful performances put those nuances into people populating a slightly sideways place that director Audrey Cummings shapes into something strangely engaging in its understated simplicity.” Culture Crypt

She Never Died stands loud and proud on its own two feet. With a powerful entity in the form of Lacey, sharing similar awkward tendencies and deadpan delivery to Rollins, it’s hard to look away from the screen, even when eyes are being gouged and hearts are being ripped out. […] The performances in She Never Died are worth noting, particularly actress Olunike Adeliyi who plays Lacey.” Horror Cult Films

“It’s exciting, fast-paced, emotionally resonant (yes, I got teary-eyed over a moment toward the film’s end) and jam-packed with lovely characters and fantastic performances – particularly from Adeliyi in what will be looked at (50 years from now, after a long-acting life) as a career highlight.” Horrorfreak News

“It balances a fantastical central character with a gritty urban environment – and inevitably, an imminent apocalypse – while juggling hard-edged violence with wit and broadly horrible villains. Well worth a double bill with the Rollins picture.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

She Never Died has its moments of biting dark humor and adrenaline-pumping action, but I still found it rather forgettable. I predict there will be a lukewarm reception to its release, and then we’ll go about our lives until the next immortal cannibal shows up on the screen.” Nightmare on Film Street

“Adeliyi gives Lacy a wonderful charm whilst also remaining freakishly scary, particularly when she starts to growl. MacNeill does great as the worn-down cop completely consumed by this one case whilst Madeira brings some light and spark to proceedings. There’s plenty, well enough, blood and gore, Cummings never goes OTT which is good.” OC Movies Reviews

“Jason Krawczyk, who wrote and directed He Never Died, wrote this new film; and thus there is a continuity of style to some degree between the two films […] it’s actually pretty impressive how well this works as a follow-up in the same world. The production is a little more polished, and Cummings’ direction brings the characters and the writing to life with style.” Ready Steady Cut!

“There’s a really technically proficient movie here, with fabulous visual design and effects, and a surprising amount of warmth and depth in its writing. And, in spite of a less than stellar soundtrack and several questions that remain unanswered, She Never Died is an entertaining, gritty, and fresh take on the all-to-familiar superhero formula.” UK Film Review

She Never Died is an enjoyably bloody romp with some nice fight scenes and practical effects. It does suffer from a problem common to this kind of film though. As much fun as it is seeing human traffickers ripped apart it cuts the suspense way back when a bullet to the head doesn’t stop your lead character.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Olunike Adeliyi … Lacey
Peter MacNeill … Godfrey
Kiana Madeira … Suzzie
Michelle Nolden … Meredith
Noah Dalton Danby … Terrance (as Noah Danby)
Edsson Morales … Jerry
Katie Messina … Janice
Murray Furrow … Vaughn
Lawrence Gowan … Man in the Hat
Nick Stojanovic … Driver Dan
Dax Ravina … Paul Hoover
Steve Kasan … Tom
Bradley Trudeau … Stamp
Chloe Rose … Sandra
Daina Barbeau … Trafficked Girl

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