BRAM STOKER’S LEGEND OF THE MUMMY (1998) Reviews and overview

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Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy aka Bram Stoker’s The Mummy is a 1998 American supernatural horror feature film about an ancient mummy that is awakened and takes revenge on everyone in an old mansion.

Directed by Jeffrey Obrow (The Kindred; The Power; The Dorm That Dripped Blood) from a screenplay co-written with Lars Hauglie and John Penney, loosely based on Bram Stoker‘s novel The Jewel of the Seven Stars (1903), the Goldbar Entertainment production stars Louis Gossett Jr. (Monolith; J.D.’s Revenge), Amy Locane, Eric Lutes and Mark Lindsay Chapman.


Marin County, San Francisco: Robert Wyatt (Eric Lutes) is called to the house of his former girlfriend Margaret Trelawny (Amy Locane). Her father, an Egyptologist, has been mysteriously attacked and left in a coma.

However, he was apparently expecting this and has left a list of detailed instructions that he is to be guarded at all times.

As other members of the household begin to turn up dead, Wyatt realises the killings are related to the mummy of the Egyptian Queen Kara that Trelawny disturbed from its tomb and brought back to the house…


“There are some unintentional laughs to be sure, but they are far and few between – and there’s not nearly enough gore or nudity to keep you waiting around.  Don’t be fooled by the author’s name in the title, the only pedigree in this movie is dog food.” Absolute Horror 

“Talky, boring, low-budget, yuck. Poor Lou. Some might call it the “Curse of Oscar”; I call it the “Curse of Iron Eagle.” Note: Schlock auteur David DeCoteau’s Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy was pawned off as a sequel at some point in time and space; I suppose this one looks good by comparison. Barely.” Black Horror Movies

“There’s not enough sex or violence to satisfy the exploitation crowd, and it’s too cheap, dumb, and boring to work as the classy, suspenseful horror melodrama that writer-director Jeffrey Obrow seems to be going for. From every conceivable angle, Bram Stoker’s The Mummy is a tedious failure.” Michael Scrutchin, Flipside Movie Emporium

“Alas, the film is utterly dull. It is drearily photographed in a way that wrings all possible atmosphere out of the film and moreover makes it look cheap and amateurish. Jeffrey Obrow seems unable to invest rudimentary suspense in the show…” Richard Scheib, Moria

“The few lame twists that are thrown in the mix become obvious far too early such as Margaret being a descendent of Tera’s and Corbeck’s evil nature. Special effects and Egyptian set designs are hokey, although a dream sequence involving Robert is effective with the mummy tearing off “Home Improvement” star Richard Karn’s fingers.” TV Guide

Choice dialogue:

Corbeck: “In this house, guns will not help you!”

Cast and characters:

  • Louis Gossett Jr. … Corbeck
  • Amy Locane … Margaret Trelawny
  • Eric Lutes … Robert Wyatt
  • Mark Lindsay Chapman … Daw
  • Lloyd Bochner … Abel Trelawny
  • Mary Jo Catlett … Mrs Grant
  • Aubrey Morris … Doctor Winchester
  • Laura Otis … Lily
  • Julian Stone … Jimmy
  • Richard Karn … Brice Renard
  • Portia Doubleday … Young Margaret
  • Rachel Naples … Queen Tera
  • Donald Monat … Hutchins (as Donald Monet)
  • Kelly Perine … Keene
  • Kahlil G. Sabbagh … Bedouin Guide
  • Victoria Tennant … Mary
  • Stayce Allison … Woman
  • Cher Summers … Operator
  • Tico Wells … Young Corbeck
  • John Rixey Moore … Young Trelawny

Filming locations:

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

Technical details:

  • 96 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby

Film Facts:

Aubrey Morris (Doctor Winchester) played a similar role in Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), which was also loosely based on the same Bram Stoker novel.

Plot synopsis courtesy of Moria

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