KINDRED SPIRITS (2019) reviews and overview

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‘Family secrets reveal deadly intentions’

Kindred Spirits is a 2019 American thriller feature film about the conflict when a single mother’s carefree sister reappears one day to stay with her.

Directed by Lucky McKee (All Cheerleaders Die; The Woman; The Woods; May) from a screenplay written by Chris Sivertson, the Cranium Entertainment-MarVista Entertainment production stars Caitlin Stasey, Thora Birch, Macon Blair and Liam Booth.


Chloe (Thora Birch) is a single mother in a relationship with Alex (Macon Blair). Chloe’s life is turned upside down when her sister, Sadie (Caitlin Stasey) comes home after a long unexplained absence.

Though Sadie seems to want to settle in with her sister and seventeen-year-old niece (becoming quite a handful herself), she’s actually a deeply disturbed young woman who has a sinister agenda regarding anyone who gets between her and her big sister…

Reviews [may contain spoilers – click links to read more]:

” …McKee’s best since May; the characters are well rounded, and there are enough variations on the sub-genre’s formula that keep it from feeling like a throwback, making it a fully engaging experience. Stasey’s performance is a pitch-perfect blend of creepy and fun, and her character’s careful lying keeps everyone’s obliviousness fairly logical…” Birth. Movies. Death.

“This film is more about creeping, seemingly innocuous dread – as though the title character from May was more easily to adjust as pass for “normal” in society […] Elevated by strong performances and a willingness to go some places from which other filmmakers might shy away, Kindred Spirits is exactly the movie it wants to be.” Bloody Disgusting

“Ably aided by her two co-stars, Caitlin Stasey’s highlight-packed performance tows Kindred Spirits through its troughs and jets it right over each peak. It’s a project that meets in the middle considering where Lucky McKee and Lifetime typically tread independent of one another. But the unlikely marriage of their respective aesthetics makes for a thriller whose teeth tear into atypical tones.” Culture Crypt

“Like the movies it references (Single White Female I’m looking at you) Kindred Spirits doesn’t offer up a particularly positive view of women, but it’s rattlingly well made: the soundtrack’s Bernard Hermannisms and excerpts from ‘Swan Lake’ invite you to have fun, but Sadie’s motivations aren’t straightforward.” Dark Eyes of London

“The end comes quite abruptly, quickly undoing some interesting swerves and failing to completely connect the current happenings with a recurring flashback; but, ending how it does also encourages reflection on the understated, slow-moving plunge into sudden, sick chaos. The solid cast and McKee’s assured direction make it a tumble worth taking.” Film Pulse

“Lucky McKee is better known for his more standard genre films like The Woman and Tales of Halloween, but here he moves into the thriller arena. With this move, he proves himself capable of telling mean and moody stories without the need for excessive violence. Obsession, innocence, mental illness and childhood trauma are told within the bonds of family ties in this engrossing psychological thriller.” The Hollywood News

“The story may be predictable but Lucky McKee directs with a lot energy and brings a lot of atmosphere to the film. Best of all, Birch, Frolova, and especially Stasey all give excellent performances. It’s nice to see a film with not just one but three strong female roles. It’s a pity that a few good people end up dying but… well, that’s family.” Through the Shattered Lens

Cast and characters:

  • Caitlin Stasey … Sadie
  • Thora Birch … Chloe
  • Sasha Frolova … Nicole
  • Macon Blair … Alex
  • Liam Booth … Kenny
  • Audrey Gerthoffer … Serena
  • Valeria Jauregui … Young Sadie
  • Olivia Rose Lazell … Little Nicole
  • Brent A. Riggs
  • Shonagh Smith … Shay
  • Isai Torres … Derek
  • Chelsea Woods … Sales Lady
  • Bruce Bennett … Townsperson

Filming locations:

Austin, Texas

NB. Not to be confused with another 2019 film called Kindred Sprits about the story of Kentucky craft distilling.

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