JACK-O (1995) Reviews and overview


‘It’s harvest time!’

Jack-O is a 1995 released American horror feature film about a murdered farmer who has returned from the dead to avenge himself.

Directed by Steve Latshaw (Return of the Killer Shrews; Death Mask; Biohazard: The Alien Force; Vampire Trailer Park) from a screenplay written by producer Patrick Moran (Cheerleader Massacre 2; Dire Wolf aka Dino Wolf; Dark Universe), based on a story by executive producer Fred Olen Ray and Brad Linaweaver.

The American Independent Productions movie stars Linnea Quigley, Maddisen K. Krown, Gary Doles and Ryan Latshaw. Genre regulars John Carradine and Cameron Mitchell have minor cameo roles,


“Amid confusing flashback sequences and some phony occult blathering (courtesy of the town witch), we’re told that Jack-O is the incarnation of a murdered farmer […] Even allowing for a certain camp appeal, there’s not an original concept to be found amid the abundant nudity and severed limbs.” All Movie

“There’s a lot of people, but none can act and most are just victim fodder. The special effects are terrible (the lightning and electrocution are especially bad) and the line deliveries are emotionless. It does manage to be entertaining in spite of itself.” Down Among the Z Movies

Jack-O follows the B-movie playbook step by step. Blood, breasts, bad acting, repeat. If you’re a B-movie fan, you’ll find something to like.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews


“I wouldn’t even recommend it for people looking for a bad film to laugh at. There are plenty more guilty pleasures out there without having to resort to spending eighty-eight minutes with Jack.” Popcorn Pictures

“Everything from the killer’s laughable Jack O’ Lantern head to the way that his urban legend is spread through rhymes that my six-year-old daughter could have written is the cinematic equivalent of a fondue festival. Olen Ray has once again rushed out a nonsensical screenplay, which is overflowing with make-believe characters, impossible situations and basically poor screenwriting.” A Slash Above…

“The acting is an abomination, and the dialog induces headaches, but such failings lead to a somewhat-fun experience. Nothing new, but the body count is relatively high.” Splatter Critic

“Frustratingly uneven pacing and a killer who flits all over the place at will gets under your skin more than the sickle appears to – but death by toaster is a high point. The most interesting factor is the appearances of Carradine and Mitchell, both of whom died before the film was released.” Vegan Voorhees

Jack-O is a special kind of enjoyable holiday garbage. Is it a well-made movie? No, not at all. It’s very, very f*cking bad in almost every respect. But it fails in such entertaining and oblivious ways, that I find myself watching it once a year, right around the time the pop-up costume stores open their doors for business.” Video Religion

Cast and characters:

  • Linnea Quigley … Carolyn Miller
  • Maddisen K. Krown … Linda Kelly (as Rebecca Wicks)
  • Gary Doles … David Kelly
  • Ryan Latshaw … Sean / David Kelly
  • Catherine Walsh … Vivian Machen
  • Rachel Carter … Julie Miller
  • Tom Ferda … Jim
  • Bill Cross … Richard Watson
  • Helen Keeling … Amanda Watson
  • Thor Schweigerath … Robbie
  • Christina Connell … Sarah
  • Kelly Lacy … Shannon
  • George Castells … Brent
  • Bernie Fidello … Simms
  • Michael Walsh … Paul
  • Mike Conner … Arthur Kelly
  • Katy Maznicki … Eunice Kelly
  • Steve Latshaw … Cable Installer (as Vic Savage)
  • Ron Bernard … Rush Gingbaw
  • Rick Riggs … Daniel Kelly
  • Rhonda Riggs … Jewell Kelly
  • Tom Ferguson … Tom Mason
  • John Carradine … Walter Machen
  • Cameron Mitchell … Doctor Cadaver
  • Brinke Stevens … Witch
  • Dawn Wildsmith … Sorceress
  • Heidi Kneisl … The Hell Pigs
  • Kerrylynn Dekanski … The Hell Pigs
  • Joe Solari … The Hell Pigs
  • Patrick Moran … Jack-O-Lantern

Filming locations:

  • Florida
  • Salem, Massachusetts – cemetery scenes with Brinke Stevens

Technical details:

88 minutes

Fun Facts:

  • As the movie was shot in February and March 1993 over weekends, director Steve Latshaw had to purchase the pumpkins featured in the film in advance in November 1992.
  • John Carradine‘s scenes were filmed in December 1985.
  • This was the film role for Cameron Mitchell (as TV horror host Doctor Cadaver) who died on July 6th 1994.
  • Director Steve Latshaw has a cameo as the cable installer. He is credited under the pseudonym “Vic Savage”, an in-joke reference to actor/director Vic Savage who produced, directed and played the lead in the infamous The Creeping Terror (1964).

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