DIRE WOLF (2009) Reviews and overview

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Dire Wolf aka Dino Wolf is a 2009 American science-fiction horror feature film about a genetically-engineering hybrid man-wolf on the loose.

Directed by Fred Olen Ray (Super Shark; Silent Venom; Biohazard; Scalps; et al) from a screenplay written by Dan Golden (Dances with Werewolves; Venomous; Buried of the Rats) and Patrick Moran (Return of the Killer Shrews; Cheerleader Massacre 2; Jack-O), the movie stars Maxwell Caulfield (Cry of the Winged Serpent; Oblivion 2: Backlash; Alien Intruder), Dawn Ann Billings, Blake Cooper Griffin, Kristen Howe and Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers).

Reviews [may contain spoilers – click links to read more]:

“By-the-numbers it may be, but Dinowolf is also strangely effective at times. A lot of effort went into establishing the little town as a setting, and although that effort doesn’t pay off to the same degree, the effect is akin to that of the similarly heavy background investment in The Car. Mind you, it helps that this is one of Fred Olen Ray’s better casts.” 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting

” …the opening ten or so minutes of Dino Wolf had me thinking I was in for something really special. From there out it became less and less special with each passing moment. For the sort of movie it is, it really isn’t that bad of a movie, I still couldn’t help but come away feeling a tad underwhelmed. Those opening scenes crackled; the rest tends to fizzle.” Dread Central

“In a world of poorly executed CGI monsters, it is oddly refreshing to see a good old fashion costumed monster once in a while. If you like tons of blood and guts (literally), you will find lots to like about this film, though practically every death scene is identical to the one before it.” Quick Horror Movie Reviews

“The acting is ok, actually better than expected and Maxwell Caulfield is good as local sheriff Parker. There are a couple CGI shots but the creature, the Dino Wolf, is the classic “man in a suit” effect and most of the gore is practical special fx and looks quite good. And we do get a couple of nice and bloody kills.” Independent Flicks

“The scenes that don’t revolve around the Dino Wolf killing folks are pretty tough going […] The scenes of the shady government agents snooping around in particular drag the movie down and things get awfully talky near the end too. Still, as far as these things go, it’s a lot better than Project: Metalbeast, so that’s a relief.” The Video Vacuum

“The acting is good from the young up-and-comers and always spot on with the two veterans, given the parameters of the material they have to work with. Basically, what I’m trying to say is I didn’t detect any “bad acting” in the movie.” You Won Cannes


On  October 18th 2011, Bayview Entertainment released an ‘Uncensored Director’s Cut’ of Dino Wolf on DVD. Extra Features:

  • Director/Writers Commentary Track
  • Trailer
  • Behind the Scenes Video
  • 1.78:1 Widescreen enhanced for 16×9 TV
  • Dolby 2.0 Stereo

Cast and characters:

  • Maxwell Caulfield … Sheriff Parker
  • Dawn Ann Billings … Tina
  • Blake Cooper Griffin … Jim Martin (as Blake Griffin)
  • Kristen Howe … Agent Read
  • John L. Curtis … Connors
  • Amber Krzys … Jaime
  • Kimberly Horner … Amber
  • Ian Patrick Williams … Doctor Renault
  • Gil Gerard … Colonel Hendry
  • Steven Lee Allen … Ed Reilly
  • Summer Harlow … Sherry
  • Marc Joseph … Jesse
  • Scott Silbor … Cal
  • Troy Holden … Billy
  • Gina Scoles … Gail
  • Ted Monte … Teddy
  • Eric Spudic … Ernie
  • Laura Niles … Kelly
  • Anthony Francis Ray … Max
  • Tammy Dahlstrom … Mom
  • Vince Cefalu … Cooper
  • Joe Gerety … General Peterson
  • Steve Goldenberg … Dead Security Guard
  • Angela Duffy … Jenny
  • Gregory Paul Smith … Dire Wolf

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