SWARM aka ANTS ON A PLANE (2007) Reviews and now free to watch online in HD


‘You will be infected!’

Swarm aka Destination: Infestation and Ants on a Plane is a 2007 Canadian horror feature film about bullet ants attacking passengers on a plane.

Directed by George Mendeluk (Nightmare at the End of the Hall; Poltergeist: The Legacy series; Stone Cold Dead) from a screenplay written by Mary Weinstein, the movie stars Jessalyn Gilsig (The Stepfather 2009; Prom Night 2008), Antonio Sabato Jr. (Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas; Ghost Voyage; Bugs), Serge Houde and Karen Holness.



While on a flight home from Colombia, the plane that Doctor Carrie Ross (Jessalyn Gilsig) and her daughter are on is attacked by bullet ants whose sting is the most painful and deadliest on the planet.

Joining forces with air marshal Ethan Hart (Antonio Sabato Jr.), Doctor Ross, an entomologist, tries desperately to save the flight from disaster. In the end, their struggle brings them closer together and offers the couple hope for the future…


“A commercial plane is overrun with the most disgusting, vile, opportunistic vermin I can imagine. Also, there are ants on the plane. The characters are some of the worst kinds of human beings, and I think you could take this film as a commentary on air travel in modern times.” Brooke Kamishlian

“This movie is about as bad as it gets, but it is somehow entertaining in the way that only really cheap disaster movies can be. Just about every genre cliché is present: the egotistical @sshole who complains about every decision, the cute pet in danger, even a couple of nuns (who, sadly, aren’t allowed to speak nor sing) […] Craptastic.” Disaster Movie World

“This is an instinctively cheesy nature gone amok premise that insists on carrying itself with an air of superiority, almost as if it was made by people that felt making such a b-movie to be too lowbrow. The whole production gives off the stink of a cheap rush job, Canadian-lensed TV movie of the mid-to-late 1990’s variety…” Dread Central

” …the movie delivers on the premise and gives a plane full of toxic, murderous ants. A good amount of ant attacks and while the story makes no sense, it is a decent watch. Assuming you like these disaster movie/animal attack b movies.” Marc Fusion

“The crucial thing that was the saving grace of Snakes on a Plane, and which Swarm is noticeably missing, is a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. There are no Samuel L. Jackson one-liners, no sense of the filmmakers skewering the absurdity of the set-ups. Swarm regrettably takes its premise seriously – whereupon it only becomes a tedious disaster movie…” Moria

Choice dialogue:

Doctor Carolyn Ross [Jessalyn Gilsig]: “Ants? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Cast and characters:

Jessalyn Gilsig … Doctor Carolyn Ross
Antonio Sabato Jr. … Ethan Hart
Serge Houde … Captain Dan McReady
Karen Holness … Kayla Johnson
Matt Bellefleur … Ken
Matthew Harrison … Dean Phillips
Emily Tennant … Jamie Ross
Craig Veroni … Neil Webb
David Allan Pearson … Donald Aubrey
Ryan McDonell … Paulie
Michelle Boback … Robbie Avila
Jill Morrison … Judy Perez
Ivan Cermak … Jason Blyth
Lisa Marie Caruk … Beverly Blyth
Mackenzie Gray … Blumenthal

Filming locations:

British Columbia, Canada

Technical details:

89 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.33: 1

Alternate titles:

In the Netherlands, the film was released on DVD as Deadly Swarm

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