Scarecrow County – USA, 2019 – reviews


‘There’s nowhere to hide’

Scarecrow County is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about a murderous scarecrow stalking the streets of a small town.

Written and directed by John Oak Dalton (The Girl in the Crawlspace; writer of Jurassic Prey; Amityville Death House; Razorteeth; et al), the Midwest Film Venture production stars Chelsi Kern, Tom Cherry, Rachael Redolfi, Erin Hoodlebrink and John Hambrick. The movie was produced and photographed by Henrique Couto (director of Ouija Room; Devil’s Trail; Amityville: No EscapeBabysitter Massacre).


Small-town librarian Winnie (Chelsi Kern) is given the lost diary of a dead teenager, exposing long-buried secrets as a murderous scarecrow stalks the streets…

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“A wholly watchable and enjoyable low-budget indie slasher, there’s more than enough to like here that does hold it up over it’s few, somewhat detrimental issues that spring up simply by being a low-budget indie effort.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“What I particularly like about the script is that the characters are more fully developed than most indie films, the dialog doesn’t talk down to the audience, and the plot is both simple and nuanced at the same time.” Indie Horror Films

“Dalton and Couto brought a cool visual style to the scenes involving the scarecrow, bathing sets in colorful lighting and pumping fog into them […] There’s not a whole lot of slashing in the movie, but the moments with the scarecrow are fun and there’s plenty of mystery and drama between…” Life Between Frames

“Enjoy this supernatural tale set in rural Indiana, and perhaps survey your own past for secrets that may just come back someday…with a bladed weapon. Scarecrow County is a fine story and the morality lesson put forth is timeless.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies

Choice dialogue:

‘There’s no such thing as Strip Ouija!”

Cast and characters:

  • Tonjia Atomic … Galatea
  • Andrew J. Britt … Scarecrow
  • James Carolus … Tarkington
  • Tom Cherry … Brownie
  • Carmen Churchill … Dora
  • Marie DeLorenzo … Emily
  • Joni Durian … Tammy
  • Kyle Garner … Dwayne
  • John Bradley Hambrick … Prentiss
  • Erin Hoodlebrink … Marlys
  • Chelsi Kern … Winnie
  • Joe Kidd … Kev
  • Jeff Kirkendall … Virgil
  • Sara Purnima Kolenda … Claire
  • Bryn Kristi … Juanita
  • Clifford Lowe … Benny
  • Rob Merickel … Jamie
  • Jeff Rapkin … Cotton
  • Rachael Redolfi … Zoe
  • Erin R. Ryan … Fantomah
  • Andrew N. Shearer … Merle
  • Connor Sherlock … Joey
  • Joe Sherlock … Penrod
  • Jeff Shull … Si
  • Joe Skeen … L.Q.
  • Dale Wilson … Buck
  • Labou Windimere … Paige
  • Katy Lynne Wolfe … Rebecca

Filming locations:

Indiana and Ohio

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