GenoMorph – USA, 2019 – preview of new evil parasite film


GenoMorph is a 2019 American horror feature film about a young man with amnesia who has been infested by an evil mind-controlling parasite.

Directed by co-producer Chazz DeMoss (Scared to Death; executive producer of House of the Witchdoctor; associate producer of Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer) and Ty Marcus from a screenplay written by Robina Kotek and Tamara Roberson, based on DeMoss’ storyline.

The movie stars Gabriel Kamas (Scared to Death; The Protectors; Profile of a Killer), Kayla Sechler, Ken Melchior (Scared to Death; Profile of a Killer) and Robert Larsen.


A small Midwestern town is turned upside down as its local sheriff finds himself hunting for a missing young man. The young man’s wife is at the mercy of her community and its law enforcement to help her find him and in the process, it seems the body count is rising throughout the hunt.

The young man finds himself in a state of amnesia and can’t recall who he is and how he got where he is. As he tries to discover his own identity he discovers strange things are happening to him and he cannot control an evil that seems to be growing ever so rapidly inside him.

As the horror that has hit this quiet little community has grown into something that even the sheriff and his people can’t seem to stop – the terror seems to be leaving nothing but death in its wake…

Cast and characters:

  • Gabriel Kamas … (Jim) Matt Jacobs
  • Kayla Sechler … Serena Jacobs
  • Ken Melchior … Sheriff Riley
  • Robert Larsen … Jebadiah Watts
  • Erica Boettcher … Baby Doe Jogger
  • Wes Gagnelius … Deputy Toby Hooper
  • Meaghan McCarthy … Camper (female)
  • Geno Morph … Himself
  • Taylor Neuhaus … Stoner Buddy
  • Shaina Rae … Ending Jogger
  • Pat Roberson … Lloyd Danvers
  • Tamara Roberson … County Coroner Robin
  • Jason Robinson … The Holy Roller
  • Lisa Robinson … Carol Watts
  • Tyler Sabrowski … Ralphy
  • Andrew Stecker … Camper (male)

Technical details:

Audio: Dolby Digital


GenoMorph premiered on 31st October 2019 in Minnesota and is available on Amazon video-on-demand (VOD) and Prime.

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