The Necromancer (2018) reviews and overview

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‘There is evil inside all of us’

The Necromancer is a 2018 British supernatural horror feature film about a group of soldiers having strange experiences in the early 19th century.

Written and directed by Stuart Brennan (Wolf; Plan Z), the movie stars Marcus Macleod, Stuart Brennan, Mark Paul Wake and David Izatt.


When a group of soldiers decide to flee from the Napoleonic Wars, their journey home takes them through the Black Forest, leading them to an ancient evil and a fight for their lives…

Cast and characters:

  • Marcus Macleod … Bernard
  • Stuart Brennan … Logan
  • Mark Paul Wake … Injured Charles
  • David Izatt … Edgar
  • Austin Caley … Rupert
  • Charlie Morgan … Charles
  • Alasdair Blair … The Butcher
  • David Byrne … Young Boy
  • Chris Capaldi … Viking King
  • Gillian Dryburgh … Siren of Sound
  • Alex Galbraith
  • Patrick Lee … Knight
  • Elanor Miller … Siren of Taste
  • Victoria Morrison … Siren of Memory
  • Craig J. Seath … Father

Technical details:

88 minutes


The Necromancer received a limited theatrical release in the UK via Stronghold on 26th October 2018.


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