RETURN OF THE SLASHER NURSE (2019) Reviews and overview


‘New patients… New treatments…’

Return of the Slasher Nurse is a 2019 American horror feature film about the continuing killer activities of a deranged psychopathic woman.

Written and directed by David Kerr (Bloody Summer Camp), the Slasher 15 Productions pic stars Kea Raines, Amber Fulcher, Josh Shifflett and Alaina Alfaro.

The movie is a sequel to Kerr’s Curse of the Slasher Nurse (2017).


Six years after a group of friends went missing on a trip to a cabin in the woods, Kara, the younger sister of Aeron, is still determined to find out what happened to her older sister. After hearing the news of the investigating detective’s retirement, Kara becomes more determined than ever to take things into her own hands.

With the help of another missing cabin member’s sibling, they set off a chain of events that gives them exactly what they asked for: the return of the Slasher Nurse…


“With a lot to really like about it in terms of being a straightforward body-count display title, the film’s few drawbacks tend to come from it’s rambling, overlong nature and somewhat obvious low-budget tendencies. Give this a shot if you’re looking for a fun low-budget indie slasher…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

Cast and characters:

  • Kea Raines … Anneke Mitchell / Slasher Nurse
  • Amber Fulcher … Lily Mitchell
  • Josh Shifflett … Jacks Taylor
  • Will Debley … Officer Logan Presely
  • Rita Christine … Detective Campbell
  • Jim Krut … Roger
  • Mark Posey … Mark
  • Wayne Townsend … Rob
  • Chyanne Leeland … Cassy
  • Christian Jensen … Thomas
  • Stephen T. Hudson III … Mike
  • Ashley Asphyxiation … Jennifer
  • J.J. Day … Mr Mitchell
  • Dwight Baker … Angry Driver
  • John Ford … Cult Member 1

Technical details:

97 minutes


$10,000 (estimated)