The Marshes – Australia, 2018 – reviews


‘When science ends survival begins.’

The Marshes is a 2018 Australian horror feature film about three young biologists conducting research when they encounter evil.

Written and directed by Roger Scott, the movie stars Dafna Kronental, Sam Delich and Mathew Cooper.


In the middle of nowhere is a labyrinthine marshland teetering on the verge of extinction. Doctor Pria Anan is committed to saving it, using diligence and reason to fight the forces that threaten its existence.

With the assistance of rival Ben and assistant Will, Pria is certain she is in control. But soon fear manifests in the form of an evil, forcing the team to abandon their efforts to save the marsh and focus on saving themselves…

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“These wetlands are a perfect place for characters to become disoriented and lost, and the haunting dream sequences are effective rather than being mere tropes; however, some time-lapse visuals of biological entities remain puzzling regarding their intent.” Diabolique

“Audiences will be challenged at times to go with the film’s divergent path into the slightly surreal. Some narrative ‘dog legs’ recall the occasionally head-scratching developments in the TV hit Lost, yet the cut-and-slice thrills of classic Friday the 13th/Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type entertainment remain ever-present throughout the pic’s second-half.” Screen-Space


On Shudder (US, Canada, UK & Ireland) on January 9th 2020.

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