GATES OF DARKNESS (2019) Reviews and free to watch online


Gates of Darkness is a 2019 supernatural horror feature film in which a teenager endures an exorcism in the hope of unlocking dark secrets about his family.

Produced and directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy (SnakeHead Swamp; Bering Sea Beast; Anacondas: Trail of Blood; Anaconda 3: Offspring) from a screenplay co-written by Lesley-Anne Down, Rob Hickman, Chris Kanik and Randolf Turrow.

The Headmon Entertainment & Productions movie stars Randy Shelly, Stephen Tade, Tobin Bell, John Savage and Adrienne Barbeau.


“The acting is fine more or less but the story is slow-moving and takes a lot of time to actually get going and might not hold the interest of the viewer […] The effects are mostly cheap and not very good. Ultimately all this combined basically reminds the viewer of better movies. It was nice for a change to see Tobin Bell playing a good character as opposed to the baddies he is known for usually portraying. But that’s not enough to elevate the movie.” Nebk

” …the storyline in the movie felt forced, wooden and as it was lacking a natural fluidity to it. It felt staged and awkward actually. And this reflected poorly on the actors and actresses, as they were struggling with an inferior script and storyline. And the fact that the character gallery in the movie was pretty weak didn’t exactly boost their chances of delivering something grand either.” Paul Haakonsen


Gates of Darkness was released On-Demand on April 3, 2020.

Cast and characters:

Randy Shelly … Stephen Tade
Tobin Bell … Monsignor Canell
John Savage … Joseph
Adrienne Barbeau … Rosemary
Mary Mouser … Michelle
Alexandra Davies … Emily
Lesley-Anne Down … Sister Clare
Brandon Beemer … Father Dumal
Carlene Moore … Coach Carol
Zen Gesner … Stephen’s Father
James Clayton … Student (as James D Thomas)
Victoria Rose Mueller … Young Michelle (as Victoria Mueller)

Filming locations:

Ventura Farms – 235 W. Potrero Road, Thousand Oaks, California


Full film free to watch online:

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