VAMPIRE HOOKERS (1978) Reviews and overview

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‘Warm blood isn’t all they suck!’

Vampire Hookers is a 1978 Filipino-American comedy horror film produced and directed by the prolific Cirio H. Santiago (Demon of Paradise) from a screenplay written by Howard Cohen (Saturday the 14th; Deathstalker and sequels; Lords of the Deep).

Post-production supervisor Emmett Alston later directed New Year’s Evil and Demonwarp. The film has also been released as Vampire Graveyard, Sensuous Vampires, Night of the Bloodsuckers and, in an attempt to cash-in on the 1985 comedy Once Bitten, as Twice Bitten!


The film stars John Carradine (House of the Long Shadows; The Howling; House of Dracula; et al), Bruce Fairbarn, Trey Wilson, Karen Stride, Lenka Novak, Katie Dolan, Lex Winter and Filipino film regular Vic Diaz (The Thirsty Dead; Daughters of Satan; Blood Thirst; et al).


After their commanding officer goes missing, two American sailors discover a group of female vampires who pose as prostitutes to lure men into their secret lair…


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“Not in the least bit scary though packed with horror movie clichés, Vampire Hookers isn’t a particularly good movie but it is at least stupid enough to make for a fun time killer.” Rock! Shock! Pop!


“A hammy Carradine still manages to act circles around his co-stars, though, even if that comes off as something of a backhanded compliment when one suffers through the film itself.” AV Maniacs


“With its non-existent plot, bad sight gags and relentless toilet humor, Vampire Hookers can hardly sustain 78 minutes and is only watchable for those who appreciate enduring really bad movies, especially really bad movies with John Carradine, and we know how many of those exist.” DVD Drive-In


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“What ought to have been good smutty fun is, unfortunately, pretty darn boring. But Vampire Hookers has its moments, most of them involving campy Carradine in a white suit and red bow tie, smiling and quoting Shakespeare as he lounges around in his lavish crypt and pours himself a tall glass of blood… Nudity? Sex? Yes, and yes, but only partial and implied, to keep with the lighthearted tone and avoid getting too sleazy.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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