THE DEATH PLEDGE (2019) Preview and overview


The Death Pledge is a 2019 American horror feature film about fraternity pledgees having to spend the night in an African American burial ground.

Written, produced and directed by Jeff Carroll (writer of Gold Digger Killer; Holla If I Kill You), the Red, Black & Green Promotions production stars Rose Cadeau, Patrick Charlemagne, Rebecca Ciara and Sherina Cox.


When a college fraternity and sorority council add a new component to the pledge process, the pledgees now must spend the night in a recently uncovered African American burial ground that was unearthed by Hurricane Irma. And to their surprise, they find a serial killing slave buried among the ancestors…

Cast and characters:

  • Rose Cadeau … Sensational
  • Patrick Charlemagne … Baba
  • Rebecca Ciara … Princess
  • Sherina Cox … Lola
  • Diamos D’Merit Demerritt … Kwame
  • Jovanna Esdiale … Isis
  • Kizra Everette … Lady Booty
  • Bianca Glemaud … Miss D
  • Fransley Hyppolite … Money
  • Stevenson Jean … Understudy
  • Ta-Zaeya Jenkins … Nzinga
  • Marty Monroe … Sekou
  • Ruben Monroe … Romance
  • Alexis Patterson … Wasabi
  • Jason Pierre … Uptown

Technical details:

87 minutes


$5,000 (estimated)

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