IMPOSSIBLE HORROR (2017) Reviews and overview

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Impossible Horror is a 2017 Canadian horror feature film about two young women searching for the origin of strange screams heard in the night.

Directed and edited by Justin Decloux from a screenplay co-written with Nate Wilson, the CanMake Productions movie stars Haley Walker, Creedance Wright, Joseph Mildano and Peter Kuplowsky.

Lily (Haley Walker), an insomniac filmmaker who is facing a crippling creative block, begins to hear a sinister scream outside her window every night.

Convinced that she must find a way to help the person that is screaming, Lily heads into the darkness of her neighbourhood and meets Hannah (Creedance Wright), a veteran scream hunter, obsessed with putting a stop to the nightly occurrence.

The women join forces to solve the bloodcurdling mystery and quickly discover that its true source may be an otherworldly threat that is driving its victims into madness – and Lily and Hannah are next…


“To compensate for the low budget production values, Impossible Horror had some great sound design and the score was legit fantastic. Emily Milling wore many hats on the project, but this was her best contribution. On many occasions, I found myself being aware of how bangin’ it was.” The Horror Section

“It is a hyper-real film, in which every crazy incident looks weirdly believable, like the haunted high school hallway video on YouTube. The backstory created by Decloux and co-screenwriter Nate Wilson is so sinister and intriguing, it could easily sustain a sequel or a prequel. Very highly recommended…” J.B. Spins

“Eschewing jump scares for more of a ‘what the hell did I just see’ manner of filmmaking, the story plays at some dark humour, has some fairly decent effects, and embraces its oddity. In fact, it seems to revel in it, even as you try to figure out what you just watched, the film seems content to just be.” The Mind Reels

Impossible Horror is a perfect example of the kind of movie to put on really late at night to mess with your head before you go to sleep. Essentially a two-hander for its two leading actresses with most of the running time set in the dead of night, it’s an evocative slice of DIY digital filmmaking with more than a few surprises up its sleeve.” Mondo Digital

“Sometimes I forget that horror movies can be funny as well as scary. It takes watching one such film to remember that when done right, it’s a great combination […] Walker and Wright worked wonderfully together, and Decloux was able to bring out fantastic performances from the both of them.” Rogues Portal

Impossible Horror is commendable to some degree, in the sense that the shoot was clearly a fun one and the people who worked on it are clearly cinephiles. But, this is the sort of film that a few close friends would make and watch in private, laughing at their performances and enjoying the nostalgia;  not something that would be shown to a crowd at a film festival.” Wylie Writes

Main cast and characters:

  • Haley Walker … Lily
  • Creedance Wright … Hannah
  • Joseph Mildano … Howard T.
  • Peter Kuplowsky … Joel K.
  • Heather Aitken … Amy M. / Giallo Victim
  • Zeddy Chevron … Alyssa O. / Ghost Victim (as Adelina Pipher)
  • Justin Decloux … Security Guard
  • Cindy Milling … 911 Operator
  • Emily Milling … Terrified Woman
  • Elizabeth Myers … Giallo Victim
  • Aleks Vujosevic … The Painter
  • April Etmanski … Amber
  • Will Sloan … Mark L.

Filming locations:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

76 minutes

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