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‘Shopping will never be the same again’

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge is a 1989 American slasher horror film directed by Richard Friedman (Scared Stiff; Doom Asylum; Dark Wolf) from a screenplay written by Scott J. Schneid, Tony Michelman and Robert King (The Nest).

The movie stars Derek Rydall, Jonathan Goldsmith and Rob Estes.


A young man apparently dies in a suspicious house fire after saving his girlfriend, Melody.

A year later, at the new Midwood mall built over the site of the burned-out house, thefts and murders begin to occur as a mysterious figure secretly prowls around the shopping centre and takes a keen interest in watching over and protecting Melody…



“With a bunch of creative kills, some excellent practical effects and great stuntwork, this is a different type of slasher with almost an anti-hero alongside a regular motif of corporate greed […] The pacing is excellent with no real filler and plenty of action and gore plus even some kung fu fighting!” Bloody Flicks

Phantom of the Mall is part stalk-and-slash and part teenage melodrama. But it doesn’t really excel on either front and often gets stuck between the two genres. The romance isn’t particularly compelling and the stalk-and-slash scenes aren’t all that noteworthy, nor are they particularly original.” Dread Central

“Makers of bad movies should hold their breath in awe after watching this one. Scarcely a scene isn’t gross or ridiculous, scarcely a performance isn’t forced or shallow, scarcely a line of dialogue isn’t a burbling, awkward cliche. There’s a perfection of awfulness here that almost commands respect; it can’t have been easy to keep going on this picture after a look or two at the rushes.” Los Angeles Times

” …this is standard slasher fare with lots of amateur detective work, sinister side villains, stupid sidekicks (including 90’s comedic superstar Pauly Shore) and jump scares. Throw in some cheesy silk sheet romance scenes, sewer based martial arts training and some truly shocking 80s style choices…” Love Horror

“For a cheap direct-to-video slasher, Eric’s Revenge is audacious as hell and riotously entertaining as a result—with so much lunacy swirling about, it’s damn near impossible for dull moments to occur, especially since this overt stuff is merely accentuating the typical slasher silliness.” Oh, the Horror!


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“A pretty silly idea executed with only mediocre results, this movie still manages to maintain an enjoyable vibe thanks to the fine cast, many of whom went on to work in far more fabulous projects.” Retro Slashers


” … the entire story is in the title. Someone named Eric is taking revenge against people as a phantom of a mall. This also means there is no suspense. We know Eric is behind this, but we still have to see Estes and Cute Girl go through the motions of a silly investigation.”

“You should know the 80s slasher drill by now. No scares, suspense, story, acting or characters – just novelty death scenes and a psychotic villain. When a film fails to deliver on the latter two AND the rest, then it’s really bottom of the barrel stuff.” Popcorn Pictures

“It’s kind of a fun mess to watch, but it’s like walking into a store where all of the clothes are tossed around haphazardly – there are things you might like, but it’s too much of a bother to pick through the litter.” HNN


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Cast and characters:

Derek Rydall … Eric Matthews, The Phantom of the Mall (Night Visitor; Popcorn)
Jonathan Goldsmith … Harv Posner, Mall Owner (Helter Skelter; Blood Voyage)
Rob Estes … Peter Baldwin, Reporter (6 passi nel giallo)
Pauly Shore … Buzz, Yogurt Clerk
Kimber Sissons … Susie, Fashion Clerk
Gregory Scott Cummins … Christopher Volker, Security Guard (Halloween Night; Watchers III)
Tom Fridley … Justin, Posner’s Son (Jason Lives: Friday the 13th: Part VI)
Kari Whitman … Melody Austin
Ken Foree … Acardi (Dawn of the Dead; The Devil’s Rejects; The Lords of Salem)
Morgan Fairchild … Mayor Karen Wilton (The Initiation of Sarah; The Seduction; The New Addams Family)
Terrence Evans … Security Guard
Dante D’Andre … Piano man

Choice dialogue:

Melody: “It’s almost like a bad dream, you know.”

Filming locations:

The film was shot in southern California at Sherman Oaks Galleria, Promenade Mall (now Westfield Promenade) and Valencia Studios, Alhambra, California.

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