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‘The dead never sleep’
Shadow People is a 2017 American feature film about a young couple that experience strange events in their new country home.

Directed and co-produced by Brian T. Jaynes (Bigfoot Wars; Humans vs Zombies; The Underneath; Boggy Creek) from a screenplay written by David Wilson (The Underneath).

The Edgen Films production stars Bug Hall (Arachnoquake; The Day the Earth Stopped; Mortuary; The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas), Kat Steffens (The Taker), C. Thomas Howell (Attack of the Killer Donuts; Bigfoot Wars; Camel Spiders; et al) and Randy Lindsey; it was co-produced by Nicholle Walton-Durban and was promoted as The Shadow People.

Newlyweds Megan (Kat Steffens) and Andrew (Bug Hall) have just moved into their dream home with aspirations to start a family. However, soon strange events begin happening.

Voices and shadowy figures haunt Megan, and even Andrew starts questioning his own sanity as their marriage is being torn apart. The visions grow increasingly real.. and threatening, yet Megan is unwilling to relinquish her home.

When the appearance of a mysterious priest (C. Thomas Howell) unveils the truth behind their nightmare, Megan’s reality takes a desperate turn that her haunting visions never could have predicted…

“It is not until the final act that we see the reality of what happened in that “near-miss car accident with mysterious girl on the road”. I am not going to say anything here to give away the spoilers, but, the acting by Kat Steffens and Bug Hall was good enough to make me watch to the end.” C.A. Milson

“The overall plot of The Shadow People explores different aspects and ideas of life after death, leaving the viewer questioning what they believe. That is why it is a must-watch while Howell, Durban and Jaynes is definitely a teaming to keep an eye on.” Cryptic Rock

” …Bug Hall and Kat Steffens – are no great shakes, and an hour and twenty minutes in their company is almost more than the human frame can stand. Add in some really inappropriate soundtrack music and the constant rain which does not let up for the whole film […] and the result is really quite poor.” Dark Eyes of London

“If you don’t like being left hanging at the end of a film, you will love this movie. Ultimately, everything is explained and the film has a nice, tidy ending. I would have definitely enjoyed the movie more if the story hadn’t lagged in the middle.” HNN

“So, okay, I waited the whole movie for Howell and got a total of about five minutes of him…yet he is the top-billed actor on the box cover.  The movie moved slow and there wasn’t near enough of the ghosts and whatnot. Plus, as you can tell from my summary, there is not a lot of substance to this film.” The Horror Report

“While some of the imagery is creepy on the part of the shadow people, my general dislike for our copulate-like-rabbits-couple meant I didn’t really give a shit any time they were spooked.” Mira 116

“Interestingly enough this is a film that plays out entirely as a two-person drama with no others appearing until right near the end. Unfortunately, the two of them are lumbered with an incredibly cliche arc for a haunted house film – he sees nothing and puts the apparitions that she sees down to mental instability on her part.” Moria

Cast and characters:
Bug Hall… Andrew
Kat Steffens … Megan
C. Thomas Howell … Reverend Cane / Evil Ghost
Randy Lindsey … Sheriff/Skinny Ghost
Juli Erickson … Old Lady/Elderly Ghost
Grant James … Old Man/Elderly Ghost
Frederic Doss … EMT/Bald Ghost

Filming locations:
Cain House, Winnsboro, Texas

Technical details:
78 minutes


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