Bone Breaker (2020) reviews and overview

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‘Don’t go down to the woods’

Bone Breaker is a 2020 British survival horror feature film about a group of friends looking for an extreme weekend, who get more than they bargain for when they mistakenly cross the land of the infamous Bone Breaker. What should have been a fun weekend has now turned into a fight for survival…


Written, produced and directed by Nicholas Winter (A Dark Path; Caged; Transhuman), the Porcelain Film production stars Lucy Aarden (Death Race: Beyond Anarchy), James G. Nunn (The Strangers), Rachel Bright and Ryan Winsley (Paintball Massacre; The ABCs of Death 2).



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“There’s no effects, no suspense and no real reason to watch it. If you want to see a film about people hunting people skip Bone Breaker and check out Turkey Shoot/Escape 2000, The Prey or Never Leave Alive instead.” Voices from the Balcony

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Bone Breaker will be released by 101 Films International in 2020, on a date to be confirmed.

Cast and characters:

Lucy Aarden … Ruby
Rachel Bright … Emily
James G. Nunn … Steven
Ryan Winsley … Peter
Jack Parr … Jason
Ade Dimberline … Jonjo the Hiker
Jade Colucci … Grace
Sophie Jones … Rachel
Ian P Campbell … Dean
Mike Maley … Jason

Filming locations:

Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England

Technical details:

74 minutes


£350,000 (estimated)

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