MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU TOO (2020) Reviews and overview

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May the Devil Take You Too is a 2020 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film that takes place two years after the events of the first film, May the Devil Take You. The original title is Sebelum Iblis Menjemput: Ayat Dua and it is also known as May the Devil Take You: Chapter Two

Written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto – one of the ‘Mo Brothers’ (V/H/S/2 ‘Safe Haven’; The ABCs of Death ‘L is for Libido’; MacabreTakut: Faces of Fear – the movie stars Chelsea Islan (Headshot), Shareefa Daanish, Karina Suwandhi and Aurélie Moeremans.


Two years after escaping from demonic terror, Alfie (Chelsea Islan) and Nara (Hadijah Shahab) try to continue their lives.

However, Alfie is still haunted by feelings of guilt and unnatural vision. Alfie’s worst nightmare has just begun and the dangers that await her are increasingly threatening: the figure of darkness so hungry for souls rises to take their lives…


May the Devil Take You Too carves out its own identity with a more serious, polished effort […] The stakes aren’t as personal, but that doesn’t make seeing the hell Alfie is put through any less fun. For absolute demonic chaos that delivers buckets of blood and unnerving moments of possession, it’s another solid effort by Tjahjanto.” Bloody Disgusting

“This sequel ups the ante by adding some Evil Dead II lunacy and It terror-from-childhood to the grue stew. May the Devil Take You Too may wear its influences on its bloody sleeve, but Tjahjanto adds enough originality to the gory-goings on to make the film feel fresh and original.” Horror Fuel

With May the Devil Take You, Too, Timo Tjahjanto delivers an effective and thrilling, if a tad familiar, genre party packed with all the horror goodies anyone could want. There are ghosts, demons, witchcraft, vengeful spirits, childhood trauma filtered through a genre lens, jump scares, creeping atmospheric dread, and so, so much gnarly gore.” The Last Thing I See

May the Devil Take You: Chapter Two keeps a much higher pace than the first movie. It also has several graphic scenes that I liked, and the atmosphere it creates is also very good […] Unfortunately, it’s destroyed by several poor actors and empty characters. This could have been a very good popcorn movie if the movie had better actors and dropped Chelsea Islan.” Not Only Hollywood

“The kills are at least somewhat bloody, but for the most part, rather tame. If you’ve seen The Night Comes for Us or Headshot then you know he has no problem dealing out extremely brutal and outrageous violence […] Taken for what it is though, May the Devil Take You: Chapter Two is a fun riff on Raimi’s franchise. And it’s certainly better than the conventional zombie films that are still flooding the streaming channels.” Voices from the Balcony


Released on 27th February 2020 in Indonesia. As with the first movie, it will be released on Netflix too.

Cast and characters:

Chelsea Islan … Alfie
Shareefa Daanish … Jenar
Karina Suwandhi … Laksmi
Aurélie Moeremans … Dewi
Ruth Marini … The Priestess
Baskara Mahendra … Budi
Hadijah Shahab … Nara – The 3rd Eye 2
Arya Vasco … Leo
Karina Salim … Martha
Widika Sidmore … Gadis
Lutesha … Kristi

Technical details:

110 minutes

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