THE DEMONIC TAPES (2017) Reviews and free to watch online


The Demonic Tapes is a 2017 British supernatural horror feature film about a man that finds a series of audiotapes in an old North London house.

Written, produced,  photographed and directed by Richard Mansfield (Blood on Satan’s Paw; The Demonic Doll; Video Killer; The Mothman Curse; et al), the Mansfield Dark Productions movie stars Darren Munn, Alice Keedwell and Daniel Mansfield.


In 2007, a series of audiotapes were found in the basement of a London house. The tapes contained recordings made by a well-known medium right up to the time of her death. She recorded the voices of the dead, one claiming to be the Devil himself…


“This is one of those films where sound design is everything. You can tell this is a pretty low budget effort but for me that actually works in its favour. The low-fi look and the lower production values actually make the creep factor the filmmaker is going for more effective.” Chris Genro

“This is a dreadful film – literally. In that, it is absolutely jam-packed full of dread. No fancy special effects, no stupid cat-scares (though there is a cat), no plot-hole riddled script, no big-budget hype, just unexplained supernatural imagery and ideas woven into a quietly terrifying tale…” Cult films and the people who make them

“Aided by an extremely atmospheric soundtrack by the enigmatically titled ‘Pig 7’ – with help from Mansfield and former Video Killer actor Victoria Falls – The Demonic Tapes creates what is becoming a trademark urban horror feel from the director, but with the ‘onion skin’ approach to storytelling adopted by M R James, to whom Mansfield remains indebted.” Dark Eyes of London

“It’s an effective little chiller that demonstrates that you don’t need a shed load of expensive movie trickery or buckets of gore to make the viewer’s flesh crawl. No, all you need is atmosphere and the hint that something nasty about to happen and Richard Mansfield’s flick has scads of that.” The Horror Hothouse

“Mr Sheets is surprisingly creepy in his utter simplicity, he comes and goes with suitably-staged mysteriousness, and Mansfield seems to have developed a solid handle on when and how to deploy his necessarily-minimal array of sound effects in a manner that accentuates the understated power of his visuals.” Trash Film Guru

Cast and characters:

  • Alice Keedwell … The Medium / Sarah
  • Daniel Mansfield … The Resident
  • Darren Munn … The Man

Running time:

71 minutes



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