THE HOUSE ON MANSFIELD STREET (2018) Reviews and overview

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The House on Mansfield Street is a 2018 British horror found footage film about a young documentary filmmaker recording his move into a new house.

Written and directed by Richard Mansfield (Blood on Satan’s Paw; The Demonic Tapes; Video Killer; The Mothman Curse; et al).

The Mansfield Dark production stars Matthew Hunt, Daniel Mansfield and Kathryn Redwood.

Nick Greene is a documentary filmmaker recording his move from London to Nottingham. As he films his life he starts to notice paranormal activity in his new house and a possible demonic presence…

“There are some creepy moments, and with some well-timed sound effects it creates a few chills, one example is when Nick is in bed, and much like Paranormal Activity he’s sleeping with a night vision camera in his bedroom and this “spectre” appears there’s a bit of a jump scare there but it’s just a hoodie with a cheap joke shop mask and so the fear just evaporated from the scene onwards.” Admit One Film Addict

“Overall, I finished the movie and it spooked me a bit. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s entertaining enough. It’s a good movie to enjoy on a night in.” Auden Johnson

” …this zero-budget found footager which is vastly better than most comparable films. Hunt is believable and likeable as Nick […] With excellent use of split-screen and some nice location work around Nottingham city centre and on the city’s trams, this is another fine slice of James-ian horror from the Mansfield Dark label that will leave you genuinely creeped out.” British Horror Revival

“I watch all sorts of disturbing horror, FF, and even work late (on creepy stuff) into the wee hours.  I can’t say I would have been affected the same way in a different environment or time.  Nonetheless, this film is one I enjoyed, one I recommend, and one that’s not like all the others.” Found Footage Critic

The House on Mansfield Street is a micro-budget, unoriginal, and repetitive found footage horror film. There are a few things I liked about it, but by and large, it’s pretty forgettable, to be honest. It lacks a certain ‘oomph’ and with so many better options out there it’s hard to recommend this one.” Scream Geeks

” …the likes of The Last Exorcism, Hell House LLC, Bad Ben, Leaving D.C., and Creep have shown how you can either inject fresh ideas into otherwise conventional storytelling or discover new approaches to the concept. Or you end up with The House on Mansfield Street, which does neither, feeling derivative and stale and stuck in the past.” Top 10 Films

“The acting was pretty decent, not really that many cardboard moments where you can tell they’re ad-libbing to make up the movie run time. The plot was decent as well…although certain elements and directions reminded me of the third Paranormal Activity offering. All in all – not too bad.” Top Found Footage Films

” …the first nine-tenths of the film probably deserves better than what the final tenth gives it, but even still — The House on Mansfield Street is a more effective use of $394 than most of us (myself included) could manage, and Richard Mansfield has plenty to be proud of here.” Trash Film Guru

Cast and characters:
Matthew Hunt … Nick
Daniel Mansfield … Jon
Kathryn Redwood … Emma

Technical details:
1 hour 14 minutes

£300 (estimated)


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