M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS (2020) Reviews and overview


M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters is a 2020 psychological thriller feature film about a mother’s concerns her teen son could be a psychopath.

Written and directed by Tucia Lyman, making her feature debut, the movie stars Melinda Page Hamilton, Bailey Edwards and Edward Asner.


“This movie goes from a creepy slow-burn to heart-thumpingly tense as the finale approaches. The use of found footage through various camera equipment was a nice touch and this one is well worth a watch!” Back to the Movies

“With a lesser cast, a film like this may not have worked but the inclusion of both Melinda Page Hamilton and Bailey Edwards offset a potential issue there as well. As an overall experience, M.O.M. is tension-filled and positively erratic. There are some hiccups towards the end but it’s certainly a film worth checking out.” Cinema Smack

“A particular stroke of brilliance was the use of actual home movies of Bailey Edwards as a child. These are edited to serve as proof Jacob has always been unstable. It brings a sense of authenticity to the scenes that another actor, no matter how strong they resembled him, couldn’t. The final act builds up considerable tension on its way to a grim and chilling final shot.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Edward Asner … Doctor Howard Arden
Melinda Page Hamilton … Abbey Bell
Julian de la Celle … Greg
Bailey Edwards … Jacob Bell
Janet Ulrich Brooks … Nana Millie

Filming locations:

Long Beach, California

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