M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters – USA, 2020 – reviews

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M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters is a 2020 psychological thriller feature film about a mother’s concerns her teen son could be a psychopath.

Written and directed by Tucia Lyman, making her feature debut, the movie stars Melinda Page Hamilton, Bailey Edwards and Edward Asner.


Jacob Bell is mean. Jacob is scary. Jacob is also highly unpredictable. Is Jacob a sixteen-year-old psychopath?

Bailey Edwards expertly portrays a very troubled and violent teen in this found-footage thriller from Tucia Lyman. Told (primarily) through the eyes of Jacob’s mother Abbey (Melinda Page Hamilton), M.O.M. is a perfectly created case study on the determination of whether or not the child of a single, forty-two-year-old mother is disturbed and capable of extreme hostility.

Abbey Bell spends the majority of her days installing cameras around her home, in particular within the confines of Jacob’s bedroom to capture any and all vicious behaviour.

What begins as uncovering some potential warning signs (i.e. circled ammo and assault rifles in gun magazines) goes chaotic with his obsession in Playstation war games and experimentation on his new pet rats. As Jacob’s mannerisms grow more sinister, so does Abbey’s crusade to define his motives and ultimate objective.

Each appearance of Abbey on camera is more desperate and hopeless than the last as she concentrates on mothering Jacob to the best of her ability while keeping him at a short arm’s length to avoid possible alarming situations.

As Abbey introduces her relationship with her mother and the family secrets begin to unfold, it becomes a countdown to nature vs. nurture… what is learned as opposed to what is an inevitable hereditary circumstance? Jacob continues to play the good boy when in front of his grandma, rambunctious teen in front of his friends and unleashes his dark side amongst his best buddy without any remorse.

Melinda Page Hamilton is absolutely outstanding as the frightened yet strong parent, forced to confront the demon – that of which is her son. Her perseverance is relentless and unwavering, as she consults with the family therapist portrayed by veteran Ed Asner. Much to the dismay of a single mom in emotional need to fix her only child, everything comes to a shocking and awful climatic end that only exists between Abbey and Jacob.

Meredith Brown, MOVIES & MANIA

Other reviews:

“This movie goes from a creepy slow-burn to heart-thumpingly tense as the finale approaches. The use of found footage through various camera equipment was a nice touch and this one is well worth a watch!” Back to the Movies

“A particular stroke of brilliance was the use of actual home movies of Bailey Edwards as a child. These are edited to serve as proof Jacob has always been unstable. It brings a sense of authenticity to the scenes that another actor, no matter how strong they resembled him, couldn’t. The final act builds up considerable tension on its way to a grim and chilling final shot.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Edward Asner … Doctor Howard Arden
  • Melinda Page Hamilton … Abbey Bell
  • Julian de la Celle … Greg
  • Bailey Edwards … Jacob Bell
  • Janet Ulrich Brooks … Nana Millie

Filming locations:

  • Long Beach, California

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