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‘Be careful what you wish for’

Pigster is a 2019 American horror film about the titular pig-like demon stalking a group of college students in his slaughterhouse in Hell…

Directed by Al Burke (King of Darkness) and John Lechago (Blade: The Iron Cross; Killjoy’s Psycho Circus; Killjoy Goes to Hell; Bio•Slime) from a screenplay written by the latter,

The movie stars Robert Davi (Lost TimeSwamp Shark; Maniac Cop 2; and 3), Clint Howard (Big Bad WolfIce Cream ManEvilspeak), Victoria De Mare (Aliens vs Titan1CTwo FacedKilljoy’s Psycho Circus), Kate Stone (Land of Smiles) and John Karyus (The Oatmeal ManV/H/S/2Lizard Man).


An ancient pig-like demon is set upon a group of college students by a mysterious being called The Dealer. Once they make a deal, and their wishes come true, the beast will take the students to his slaughterhouse in Hell. Another mysterious being called The Messenger tries warning them, but it is too late, as each of the victims will have to face the beast Pigster…


Pigster is a jaw-dropper for sure. Manic doesn’t even describe this 65-minute movie madness. It is all over the place possibly due to apparently being a re-edited version of John Lechago‘s Feast of Fear (2016). But maybe it’s not re-edited, just re-issued with a different title? The short running time doesn’t fit with the amount of confusing plot and rapid editing.

Meanwhile, there are practical monster and gore effects galore, the veteran and young actors all seemingly bemused by what’s going on and yet emote their best (it’s always good to see Robert Davi and Clint Howard do their schtick, even briefly) and there’s no time to even concern yourself with the supernatural shenanigans that are presented as a plot. There are brief flashes of female nudity too for those that crave titillation. If these are the best bits of Feast of Fear then why not release the whole movie with some exposition to provide context to the onscreen onslaught?

Pigster makes little sense and yet you won’t have the chance to pause for thought. It’s head-shaking stuff and reminiscent of Charles Band’s production-line movies that often raised a smile or two but left you with a feeling that more cohesion was required (John Lechago is a Full Moon employee, of course ). For once, we need to see more of a messy movie and not less.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“Hogwash! This is one of the most confusing, ridiculous messes I’ve seen in a long time! […] The acting is like a bad Saturday Night Live skit and so is the story! If you want to see utter foolishness and bad “special fx” then you’ll love it.” Slasher Diva


Pigster is available via Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:
Robert Davi … The Dealer
Clint Howard … The Messenger
Victoria Levine … Sherrie
Kate Stone … Alli
John Karyus … Pigster
Sinn Bodhi … The Beast
Adam Michael Gold … Anthony
Alex Meth … Young Doug
James Andronica … Old Doug
Aja Noel … Leena
Victoria De Mare … Rat Girl
Tamario Fletcher … Paul
Nihilist Gelo … Andre
Al Burke … The Boss
Rachel Alig … Limo Driver
Anthony Olmos … Dog
David Rage … Flea
Sean McBride … Bill
Juliana Acosta … Unclothed Victim
Macarena Abad … Cute Party Girl
Alan Maxson … Straight Jacket Demon

Filming locations:
Los Angeles, California

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