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‘Don’t let evil in’

In the Trap is a 2019 Italian supernatural horror feature film about a solitary proofreader who is tortured by an unknown evil force. Having kept himself a prisoner for the previous two years, he has his beliefs tested after an alluring woman enters his life…

Directed by Alessio Liguori from a screenplay written by Daniele Cosci, based on a story by Liguori and Cosci, the Dreamworldmovies-Mad Rocket Entertainment production stars David Bailie, Robert Nairne, Paola Bontempi and Delena Kidd.


Philip, a young proofreader, has been living in a self-imposed prison. Convinced that an evil force wants to take possession of his soul, he secludes himself in his childhood apartment, the only place where he thinks he’s able to keep himself safe.

However, a meeting with a mysteriously alluring young woman makes him question his beliefs – have the demons that have haunted him all his life been simply a product of his own imagination, or is this new temptation yet another trap the devil has set for him?


Dark Sky Films released In the Trap on DVD in the USA on April 10th 2020.


In the Trap walks the tightrope between religious faith and mental illness in steady, sophisticated fashion, offering the viewer just the right amount of terror, while taking a philological approach towards the subject of demonic possession (most directly referencing The Exorcism of Emily Rose by Scott Derrickson).” Cineuropa

“For most of it, there is just Philip and the priest, and Catherine and the upstairs neighbor Sonia (Miriam Galanti) come and go.  But the acting is strong, the tension is choreographed beautifully, and the sound design carries its own weight with perhaps just a hint of The Shining. This movie makes one question everything, and even what look like editing gimmicks have sense and reason when you learn more.” Horror Buzz

In the Trap is an affecting horror film that will resonate with fans of demonic horror because it shies away from cheap scares in favor of delivering smartly subtle ones which tear at the foundation of its character’s sanity. Despite its narrative’s straightforward premise early on, the twists and turns it takes in the third act give it the creativity and longevity to make it a horror standout.” Killer Horror Critic

In the Trap is far more than just a possession-based scare-fare film. It explores psychological and religious horror territory, offers some other styles of terror cinema that would be spoiling things if described here, and has an aesthetic that feels simultaneously accessible arthouse and classic foreign horror.” The Scariest Things

Cast and characters:

David Bailie … Father Andrew
Robert Nairne … Demonic entity
Paola Bontempi … Rose
Delena Kidd … Old Woman
Sonya Cullingford … Catherine
Jude Forsey … Young Philip
Jamie Paul … Philip
Miriam Galanti … Sonia
Amelia Clay … Young woman
Leila Gauntlett … Isidore


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