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Femalien: Cosmic Crush is a 2020 science-fiction feature film about the Alterians encounter with the Thanagarian Pleasure Pod. The Full Moon Features movie is a belated sequel to Femalien (1996) and Femalien 2 (1998) and part of their Deadly Ten slate of productions.

Written and directed by Lindsey Schmitz (editor of 666: Teen Warlock and second-unit director of Evil Bong 420), the movie stars Kira Noir, Jillian Janson, Danielle L. Smith and Denise Milfort.

The star-hopping Alterians are back on a cosmic caper of conjugal consequence. When an ancient hunger is awakened in the far reaches of space, the Alterian High Council sends newly ordained Collector Maxy Prime to investigate with her nimble sidekick, Gabby Minx.

There they discover a mad professor and her students in the grips of the Thanagarian Pleasure Pod, a mega-parasite who’s giving everyone good vibrations while slowly sapping them of their very life essence.

Will the Femaliens put an end to this tentacle terror, or will they succumb to the beast’s cosmic crush?

Femalien: Cosmic Crush will be released on 30 April 2020 on the Full Moon app and Amazon Prime.

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Cast and characters:
Kira Noir … Maxy Prime
Jillian Janson … Marion Ovudo
Danielle L. Smith … Gabby Minx
Denise Milfort … Professor Dara’Tel Quenthosz
Rachel Grubb … Hi-Co
Paris White … Pim Ey-Oba
Madeline Fleming … Alterian High Council
Tyler Borresch … Jeetz Axelrod
Lexy Marie … All Mother
Luke A. Schmitz … Blue Hugh Mungous
Megg Bel … Alterian High Council

Filming locations:
Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota

Technical details:
56 minutes

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