INFECTED aka INFECTION Z (2013) Reviews and overview


Infected aka Infection Z is a 2013 American science fiction horror feature film about a blood virus that infects a small group of hunters. A father and son bonding trip soon becomes a fight for survival…

Directed by Glenn Ciano (Inkubus) from a screenplay co-written with Robert Rotondo Jr., the Woodhaven Production Company movie stars Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Christy Carlson Romano and Tom DeNucci.


” …worse than the script’s unoriginality is the ambling pace it takes on the path of boredom.  Infected had enough of a budget to draw two recognizable faces, but the production is built around an uninteresting story and the inability to make even a run-of-the-mill zombie movie tolerable.” Culture Crypt

“There are some good moments here but they are very few and far between. Both Madsen and Forsythe have a lot of talent to offer but it was either outright ignored or, perhaps more likely, they just didn’t care. Neither should you.” More Brains

” …Infection Z is a bad, boring, confusing film that is just not worth watching, not even for Madsen and Forsythe who are just weird here. ‘Humourous’ interludes, terrible special effects, and a nonsensical plot combine to earn Infection Z a place in my Top 10 worst zombie films of all time.” The Rotting Zombie

“It’s a completely unnecessary genre exercise, narrated with the most numbin’ basic shots and the worst, most puzzlin’ background music a film director could allow. It’s not out of order to say that I’ve seen more competent film school projects. Character exposition is flimsy and the story is long lost through its limp execution.” Sayang Wayang

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Madsen … Louis
  • William Forsythe … Doctor Dennehey
  • Christy Carlson Romano … Kelly (as Christy Romano)
  • Tom DeNucci … Andrew
  • Johnny Cicco … Seth
  • Jeanine Kane … Angela
  • Kevin DeCristofano … Jeremy
  • Michael Nicolosi … Matt
  • Annie Worden … Jessica
  • Wendy Overly … Grandma
  • Sera Verdi … Sera
  • Tom Paolino … Sera’s Father
  • Tracey Sheldon … Hooker
  • Marc Dante Mancini … The John
  • Britney Denofrio … Infected Prowler #1
  • Brittany Lanni … Infected Prowler #2
  • Gianni Ruggiero … Infected Prowler #3 (as Gianni R. Ruggiero)
  • Elise Galego … Infected Prowler #4
  • Paul Venticinque Jr. … Infected Prowler #5
  • Justin Moss … Infected Prowler #6
  • Stephen E. Souza Jr. … Infected Attacker #1
  • Ben Gracia … Infected Attacker #2 (as Benjamin Gracia)

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