ZOMBIE TV (2013) Japanese satire

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Zombie TV is a 2013 Japanese action horror comedy film co-written and co-directed by Maelie Makuno, Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police; Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl; Helldriver) and Naoya Tashiro (splatter shorts: Hell of the College Girls; Cannibal Maid and Killer Nurse).

The movie stars Maki Mizui, Takashi Nishina, Tomoya Maeno, Miyuki Torii, Jiji Bû, Hidetoshi Ezawa, Luchino Fujisaki, Yasu Genki.

‘A Monty Python-esque collection of shorts, animation, sketch comedy, instructional videos and more, Zombie TV showcases the natural evolution of zombies in the 21st century, no longer a frightening menace, but rather an annoying neighbour you realise you simply have to put up with.

Zombie TV answers such natural questions as: in a world full of the undead, wouldn’t some of the surviving humans want to join the majority and become zombies themselves? Would becoming a zombie solve the emotional and relationship problems we all have as living, breathing human beings?


Do zombies have their own idols? Would zombies worship a zombie god? Who would win in a fight: a cannibal, or a zombie? How did zombies evolve from walkers into runners?




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