GIRL NEXT aka THE NEXT GIRL (2021) Reviews and overview

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‘She’s not like the others.’
Girl Next is a 2020 American science fiction horror film about a young woman who is kidnapped by traffickers and subjected to mind-control. However, she resists and fights back. Also known as The Next Girl

Directed by Larry Wade Carrell (She Rises; Jacob) from a screenplay written by co-producer Zeph E. Daniel (aka Woody Keith: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4; Society; Bride of Re-Animator).

The Crazed House production stars Lacey Cofran, Marcus Jean Pirae, Paula Mercenaro and Rachel Alig. Co-produced by Loris Curci (Havana Darkness; Nightworld: Door of Hell; Hidden in the Woods).

Lorian West is perfect. She’s young, upscale, connected, the right school, the right politics, the classic blonde, blue-eyed American beauty.

Unknown to Lorian, though, she’s been targeted for abduction. She’s drugged and taken to a remote rundown ranch where international traffickers not only deliver women for their bodies but change them into obedient, beautiful yet placid and willing-to-please drones. They also kill the ones who resist the program.

‘Sofia’ is the newest model from Heinrich, a scientist whose genius is using trauma-based mind-control techniques along with other hideous extremes of physical and mental torture to create the perfect doll. Heinrich thinks Lorian is actually the next breakthrough model and is excited to raise the price of delivery.

Enter a shady sheriff who supplies Heinrich with a drug that eventually takes him into madness. The sheriff gets the call from someone up the food chain to stop the operation and shut it down. It is now a failure and the order is given to kill Lorian. However, Lorian has other plans — ones that involve retaliation…

” …there’s a thin line between making a movie exploring self trafficking and making a movie exploiting it I’m sad to say that this film falls into the latter category […] at best uncomfortable […] The performances are mostly overwrought and ham-handed, while the special effects (essentially used to portray Heinrich’s mental deterioration) are largely unspectacular.” Cinema365

Girl Next is not for everyone, as it’s a bit esoteric, and the subject matter may turn off potential viewers as it is a tough watch on occasion. But Carrell helms the production with finesse and style to burn, ensuring a lovely looking, if grotesque, take on monsters who unfortunately exist in the real world. The screenplay plays around with big ideas in a brilliant and engaging matter, and it is all brought to life by a pitch-perfect cast…” Film Threat

Girl Next is currently available on Amazon Prime and on DVD in the UK via High Fliers. The film has also been released in Australia and Ireland.

Cast and characters:
Rachel Alig … Charlotte
Marcus Jean Pirae … Heinrich
Paula Marcenaro Solinger … Misha
Larry Wade Carrell … Sheriff Maddox
Kristen Marie Perry … Dead Sofia
Lacey Cofran … Lorian West
Sara Lingle … Sofia 2
Steve Joseph … Necrobilly
Merry Dawn … Diesel Dike 2
Melissa Arras … Sofia 1
Sammy Abdalla … Limousine Driver

Technical details:
102 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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