SHE RISES (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Her fantasy. Your nightmare.’

She Rises is a 2016 American horror film directed by Larry Wade Carrell (actor in Vlad’s Legacy; Doll Factory) from a screenplay by Angus MacFadden. The latter stars, alongside Jennifer Blanc, Daisy McCrackin and Michael Biehn.

A director and her lead actor get a vacation rental while filming a movie. Their host, who initially comes across as extremely sweet and caring, becomes their worst nightmare…


She Rises is just a blast from start to finish. It is a film fully aware of itself but isn’t afraid to push the bar. All of the movie quotes and references are so fun, I was actually curious to what quote Macfadyen is going to pop out with next. The synopsis of the film may sound like something you’ve seen before. However, I’m here to tell you that it’s not.” Pop Horror

“This was not your typical indie horror film. The story seemed to be more of a commentary on the state of art in modern cinema than it did a genuine horror flick […] If you’re looking for something unusual and at times thought-provoking, you’ll enjoy She Rises.” 52 Weeks of Horror

“Now She Rises is most certainly a rather unique piece of film as it doesn’t give a fck about genre conventions and rather moves through comedy, drama, thriller, horror, supernatural, even erotica – and of course back again – in total free fall, all the time following the logic of a nightmare rather than anything else … and the result is a very enjoyable mindfck of a movie…” Search My Trash

“For fans of horror this is a must see, not only is it a gripping watch from start to end but also an important piece of cinema that proves that independent horror still lives on. She Rises does not fit convention and is madness incarnate but it all feels akin to the films nature. Instead of standing to horror traits, She Rises tears into a bizarre world where reality and confusion blend into one.” Bloodguts

“…a good watch for fans of more surreal and artistic movies that eschew the three-act structure and go balls-out insane. All of the performers are great, Carrell does some interesting and fun things with the camera during various sequences paying homage to classic films, and we’re talking about a movie where an actor playing Hamlet is told, “Get your cock out!Dread Central

“That I’ve never heard Hamlet described as an indecisive prick, or that Rosebud’s most intelligent, self-aware retort, “Look at my life, I have pig shit between my toes already”, provides some enlightening moments of depth. For a clearly low budget effort (shot in less than 7 days!), the ambition is clear to see and admire – whether you get marooned in the final act or not is another matter of the intent versus the irrevocable.” Write Out of L.A.

Main cast:

Michael Biehn … Daddy Longlegs
Angus Macfadyen … Conor
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn … Kat
Daisy McCrackin … Rosebud
Lorraine Ziff … Diane Michaels
Nick W. Nicholson … Constantine Rasputin
Larry Wade Carrell … Hitchhiker
Jenise Blanc … Makeup artist dream
Jason Aaron Moran … Dreamy sound guy
Tucker Rhodes … Wardrobe guy dream
Danielle Artigo … Dream crew
Randy Chance … Old Conor dream
Hallie Jordan … Succubus
Jay Lobit … Producer dream
Christopher Jiminez … Crew dream

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Teaser trailer:

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