Her Name Was Christa (2019) reviews and overview

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‘Love conquers all… sometimes even death.’

Her Name Was Christa is a 2019 American romantic horror feature film about a lonely middle-aged man and a streetwalker whose love continues even after death.

Written, directed by and starring James L. Edwards (actor in Bloodletting (1997), Polymorph (1996), The Dead Next Door (1989), Robot Ninja (1989) and Killer Campout), the movie also stars Shianne Daye and Drew Fortier.


Stephen is a socially awkward, middle-aged telemarketer and is desperately alone. At the suggestion of a co-worker, he goes out into the night to find a streetwalker for “The Girlfriend Experience”. With this, he meets Christa, a streetwise call girl who’s happy to fulfil his needs.

Yet something unexpected happens. What starts as a business agreement blossoms into true love. But what happens when death enters the picture? How far would you go to keep the one person you’ve always wanted?

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Her Name Was Christa checks all of the boxes. It is weird, wacky, and a ton of fun. The effects were gross and realistic, almost too good. I loved every second of it. It’s pretty crazy to think that Edwards has been in the industry for so long, and this is his directorial debut!” Cinedump

“We do see the body in various stages of decomposition and the effects team did one hell of a job with the corpse. It was a true highlight of the film. Overall, Her Name Was Christa was not the movie I thought it would be but that is what makes it so fantastic.” Horror Society

“There’s some truly gruesome scenes that are not for the squeamish. The ominous synth music and numerous night exterior shots also help to set a creepy tone. I found myself thinking of the classic, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986). But just having turned 42 myself, I found the real terror lies in the film’s bleak depiction of middle age.” Pop Horror

“It demands of the viewer. Some of the scenes are hard to watch. I don’t mean they are disgusting. (Since when was that a problem for me?) I mean they were sad. Her Name Was Christa is simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking.” Psychotronic Review

” …a solid, fun, low budget indie flick with some slick polish here and there. If I was going to be critical, I feel it was about 30 minutes too long. That said, the last 30 minutes of this movie were well worth the payoff. It was rip-uproariously awesome.” Salty Crab Cakes


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Cast and characters:

  • Shianne Daye … Christa
  • James L. Edwards … Stephen
  • Drew Fortier … Nick
  • Rick Jermain … Blaze
  • Kaylee Williams … Raven
  • Arn Argenio … Ameri-Cision Employee
  • Malissa Argenio … Sea of Love Girl
  • Megan Beck … Sea of Love Girl
  • Christopher Benjamin … Ameri-Cision Employee
  • Topher Benjamin … Ameri-Cision Employee
  • Kaile Jean Bennett … Sea of Love Girl
  • Stephanie Bible … Angry Ameri-Cision Co-Worker
  • J.R. Bookwalter … Orderly Lance Randas
  • Nick Boy … Ameri-Cision Employee
  • William Boy … Ameri-Cision Employee

Production companies:

  • Buffalora Entertainment Group
  • RoseRed Lane Films
  • Flowtac Entertainment

Filming locations:

Akron and North Canton, Ohio

Technical details:

119 minutes

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