Left for Dead aka Devil’s Night – Canada, 2007 – overview and reviews

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‘Death is just the beginning.’

Left for Dead aka Devil’s Night is a 2007 Canadian slasher horror feature film about fraternity students being stalked by a maniac in a Halloween mask.

Written and directed by Christopher Harrison, the Mindscape Films-Nictophobia Films production stars Steve Byers, Danielle Harris (Camp Cold Brook; Inoperable; Camp Dread; Halloween 5; et al), Shawn Roberts (Diary of the Dead; Land of the Dead) and Adam Dirani.


The students of a Canadian town throw wild parties full of drugs, love games, and lost inhibitions every year at Halloween.

Unfortunately, one Halloween, an uninvited guest comes for a visit. He wears a Halloween mask while he decimates the pleasure-seekers with a machete.

Tommy, a party-goer, witnesses the murder of his friend Freddy but neither the police nor friends believe him and the corpse has vanished. Tommy harbours a terrible suspicion as the very bloody spectacle continues…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“It´s a pretty decent contribution to the slasher genre, certainly not one of the better but also not one of the worst. Danielle Harris is, as always, good but she doesn´t have much screentime, there is a good amount of nudity but the plot needs work, it could have been scarier and more gore would have been nice.” Independent Flicks

” …there’s a fair few murders and despite a disappointing lack of gore or suspense, it’s worth watching for the most part. A missed opportunity to be sure, but it’s at least worth a look.” A Slash Above…

“Nobody here really makes much of an impression and I felt that Harris really was only here for name recognition as she drifts in and out of the film notching minimal screen time. Left for Dead is the kind of slasher movie I find myself annoyed at. It’s content to sit there playing copycat while tossing out some mild genre references and offering absolutely nothing of interest.” The Video Graveyard

Cast and characters:

  • Steve Byers … Tommy
  • Danielle Harris … Nancy
  • Shawn Roberts … Clark
  • Adam Dirani … The Mask / Micah
  • Robbie Amell … Blair
  • Daniel Clark … Brady
  • Katrina Devine … Lori
  • John Bregar … Freddy
  • Rebecca Davis … Tanya
  • Boyd Banks … Michael Lymburner
  • Steve Vincic … Detective Brackett
  • JaNae Armogan … Shari (as Janae Armogan)
  • Naomi Hewer … Kara
  • Ryan Louagie … Jay

Filming locations:

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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