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Into the Dark: Good Boy is a 2020 American horror film about a young woman whose emotional support dog turns out to be nasty.  Good Boy is the latest instalment of the season of Blumhouse TV’s ‘Into the Dark‘ horror anthology series.

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls; Patchwork) from a teleplay by Aaron Eisenberg and Will Eisenberg, the movie stars Judy Greer (Halloween Kills; Halloween 2018; War for the Planet of the Apes), Steve Guttenberg, Ellen Wong, Maria Conchita Alonso (The Lords of Salem; Predator 2; The Running Man), Elise Neal, McKinley Freeman and Chico.


Maggie (Judy Greer) gets herself an emotional support dog to help quell some of her anxiety. She finds him to be even more effective than she imagined… because unbeknownst to her, he kills anyone who adds stress to her life…


Into the Dark: Good Boy will stream on Hulu on June 12th 2020 during Pet Appreciation week.


” …a fun and cute movie that also happens to have blood and guts splashing across the screen. Greer fans will find it refreshing that she was given so much to do for a change, and dog lovers will find Reuben adorable – even when he’s scampering off to kill people. If you’ve been keeping up with the Into the Dark movies, you’ll find this one stands out from the pack in terms of scope.” Arrow in the Head

” …a wonderfully kitsch and dark horror-comedy […] Honestly, I want to really commend the filmmakers on the decision to go all-in with the practical effects rather than CGI. We get blood all over the place and a creature reminiscent of the werewolves from the 1980s movies.” Heaven of Horror

“Outside of a cutesy, made-for-TV style, a repetitive structure of dog kills human, Maggie cleans up narrative and an all too humorous soundtrack to undercut the devastating tragedy of the film, Good Boy is good for a few laughs and cheers, but this is ultimately a somber, hard to watch at times flick that does everything it can to make you whine and pant nervously.” Killer Horror Critic

” …not the most creative in the series in terms of special effects but the script is solid, giving a chance for the story to shine. Yes, Into the Dark: Good Boy is not a dud and gives a sinister dog story with a character attempting to catch up in life.” Ready Steady Cut!

” …a stunningly grisly film in turns of gore but also entirely lacking in actual scares. In a world drenched in anxiety right now, the story of a support dog who supports by actually removing sources of stress feels perfect. And yet a film needs to be more than just its concept.”

“Do I wish Into The Dark would permit filmmakers like Tyler MacIntyre more resources to explore further possibilities within screenplays, this time in Aaron and Will Eisenberg’s more formulaic creature-feature? Without debate, yes. Is Good Boy still psycho-cuddly enough to nuzzle up against, bringing the warmth of horror-comedy outrageousness? Against specific odds, it does.” /Film


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