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Meander is a 2021 French science fiction horror film about a woman that gets locked in series of tight tubes full of deadly traps.

Written and directed by Mathieu Turi (Hostile), the movie stars Gaia Weiss and Peter Franzén.

” …stretches a simple concept out to a feature-length with mixed results. It’s well-crafted on a visual and aural level, and it brings thrilling moments of claustrophobic dread and pain-fueled horror. Those moments and the lead performance sustain the entire viewing experience, making for stylish, fun horror that becomes too restricted by its surface-level storytelling in the end.” Bloody Disgusting

“As feared, scenes of actress Gaia Weiss squeezing through cramped corridors make up a majority of the movie, and that’s a lot of “same old, same old” to wearily wade through. Director Mathieu Turi is still a sharp craftsman no matter what, and he effectively emulates claustrophobic feelings […] But Meander puts people through their own trial of getting through a gripping 20-minute idea overstretched into a full-length feature whose finish line is a Choose-Your-Own-Interpretation ending certain to leave some viewers feeling letdown by the ambiguous explanation.” Culture Crypt

“This is a visual experience because of the limited number of people on the screen. The scenes of the tubes are done with wonderful perception to give the viewer insight into being in the tunnel, and at points pulling the watcher out of the immediate surroundings to provide a perspective of this being a personal journey for Lisa. I recommend Meander to people who want a thought-provoking movie with minimalistic settings.” Guild Master Gaming

” …Mathieu Turi certainly knows how to create intensity and fear with this new sci-fi horror movie. If you like watching movies that never let up and just keeps pushing you forward, then Meander is definitely worth checking out. Also, with a runtime of just under 90 minutes, you can enjoy this movie as the genre treat it is!” Heaven of Horror

“The various setbacks along the way are genuinely chilling, particularly that pipe monster. Another great one is an acidic, neon-green liquid that Lisa is forced to reason with. Meander takes on a weird and surrealistic quality as it tunnels (pun intended) toward a satisfying and fittingly bizarre conclusion. Lovers of claustrophobic settings and survival thrillers will find this is one pipe system that rewards a cautious Meander.” Josh at the Movies

Meander doesn’t always nail the suspense, and the heavy focus on the theme occasionally gets in the way of the terror, but make no mistake, this is a film that constricts the nerves tighter and tighter as it goes on. Whenever Meander seems to slow down, a new nightmarish element is introduced that yanks the audience right back in. Mathieu Turi’s sophomore feature is an inspired nightmare…” Killer Horror Critic

” …Meander is a cluster of a high-stakes tension-filled time. Due in part to Gaia Weiss’s incredible performance as well as everything the story throws at her character, Lisa, you can’t help but want the best for her as she puts herself through literal hell to survive. The execution of the pacing, as well as each obstacle along Lisa’s path, is well done.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“It’s very sci-fi. It almost feels like the characters are starring in their own personal video game and the goal is to escape from this neverending, nightmare-fueled tunnel. I also thought the special effects were exceptional and fitting […] Meander was intense, captivating, and emotionally driven with exceptional performances and beautiful cinematography. I highly recommend checking it out…” Pop Horror

“This high-concept sci-fi horror makes up in claustrophobic tension what it lacks in logic […] The whys and the hows of all this don’t bear much scrutiny, but the combination of first-rate sound and production design, a committed central performance and some viscerally grisly special effects makes for an enjoyable genre romp.” Screen Daily

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