KILLER QUEEN (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘She kills and it’s on Super 8’

Killer Queen is a 2020 Canadian horror feature film about an unnamed woman who is unable to control her homicidal tendencies. She hooks up with a young man, they do drugs and then kill people.

Written, photographed, edited, produced, directed by and co-starring Ramin Fahrenhein the Zed Rpublic production stars also Fatima Maziani, Jessie Yang and Aleksandra Maslennikova.


“Maziani does a good job in the role, but the character is sadly underdeveloped, despite clearly showing dimension […] The visuals look like they are straight out of some lost, grime-filled murder story from Abel Ferrara, and another aspect that accentuates the tone of Killer Queen is the sound, both the score and editing.” Film Pulse

” …exalts the aesthetics of exploitation cinema at its very lowliest, with endlessly beige Super-8 image rubbing against stagey looped sound and stodgy overacting (and Norman Orenstein’s awesomely overblown jazz-prog score), suggesting a world in which Doris (A Night to Dismember) Wishman becomes self-aware and bags an arts-council grant.” The Georgia Straight

“Maziani is good as the titular murderess, but the supporting players are seemingly there to give her something to do; some of the dialogue feels purposefully stilted, even intentionally overdubbed for the charming cheapness of yesteryear. That said, Killer Queen is the sort of film that gets by on its visual palette.” Modern Horrors

“While it’s typical for nostalgic movies to fuss over wardrobe, décor, and music selections, few have committed so fully to recreating a particular overall aesthetic as Killer Queen, a hypnotic, hypnagogic low-budget Canadian love letter to exploitation cinema.” Screen Anarchy

Filming locations:

Toronto, Canada

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