NO WITNESSES (2021) Preview with trailer


No Witnesses is a 2021 Australian crime thriller about a brutal home invasion, five murders, two detectives and… no witnesses.

Written and directed by Robert Roworth, the movie stars Jacob Machin, Taya Calder-Mason, Annie Wilson and Jack McAullay.


After a home invasion that went brutally wrong when he was a child, Arthur, is still traumatised by witnessing the killing of his mother. One day, Arthur learns that a local wealthy businessman may have gotten away with murder, so he decides to seek his own brand of justice…


No Witnesses was released on Amazon Prime to buy or rent on January 29th 2021.


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Cast and characters:

Jacob Machin … Seth
Taya Calder-Mason … Annalise Stuart
Annie Wilson … Halley
Jack McAullay … Arthur Cork
Robert Roworth … Detective Meeks
Paul Antony Rogers … Robert Hamilton Stuart
Jackson Dunlap … Elliot
Gemma Sykes … Indigo
Madeline Valentinis … Detective George
Edward Skaines … Brendon E.


Filmed in 2020 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia