My Dead Ones (2018) preview with trailer

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‘He films = He kills – He shares’

My Dead Ones is a 2018 Brazilian horror feature film about a shy young man that becomes a serial killer and unleashes forces beyond his control. The original title is O Segredo de Davi [“David’s Secret”].

Directed by Diego Freitas from a screenplay co-written by Gustavo Rosseb, the Parakino Films production stars Nicolas Prattes, Neusa Maria Faro, André Hendges and Eucir de Souza.


Behind the looks of a shy film student, David (Nicolas Prattes) hides an obscure past that is about to be revealed. Figures strange to his routine appear in his life and awaken feelings that transform him into a serial killer.

David films his victims being murdered and becomes famous on the dark web. Meanwhile, his disturbing secret is threatened and could soon be revealed…

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“Only when his murderous instinct manifests itself in the second act and his family ties are delineated between the present and the past that returns in countless flashbacks, does the narrative gain rhythm and the viewer’s attention.” Nervos (translated from Portuguese)


In the USA, TMA Releasing will distribute The Dead Ones around Halloween time.

Cast and characters:

• Nicolas Prattes … David/Davi
• Neusa Maria Faro … Maria
• André Hendges … Jônatas
• Eucir de Souza … Carlos
• Bianca Müller … Doris
• João Côrtes … Caio
• Giulia Ouro … Ana
• Tutty Mendes … Thomaz
• Cris Vianna … Luiza
• Giselle Prattes … Sofia (as Giselle de Prattes)
• Tuna Dwek … Laura
• Guilherme Rodio … Afonso
• Simonia Queiroz
• Vinicius Bicudo … Davi as a child
• Isadora Magalhães … Doris as a child

Technical details:

• 112 minutes
• Audio: Dolby Digital | 6-Track Stereo (DCP)

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