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‘Somebody has to pay…’

Spiderhole is a 2010 British-Irish horror film written and directed by Daniel Simpson (Hangar 10). The movie stars Emma Griffiths Malin, Reuben-Henry Biggs, Amy Noble, George Maguire and John E. Regan.


Molly, together with her three art student friends, embark upon a mission to find an empty house in London, with the view to the living as squatters, free from rent, and free to party. Having found what they think is the ideal squat, they break in and go about the merry business of dressing the stark interior to reflect their artistic selves. Darkness pervades their new dwelling place, a darkness through which they discover the full implications of their intrepid choice.


A nightmare unfolds that traps the viewer and protagonists alike in a terrifying and unforgiving new reality. Who or what is orchestrating their bloody demise and why? The house appeared to be empty and yet a malevolent force is clearly at work…


Spiderhole had promise, theoretically, but it fails to generate much in the way of suspense or scares. Shots of dusty pipes, slime dripping from faucets, and spiders crawling about are no substitute for real atmosphere, character development, and emotional investment.” Film School Rejects

” …Spiderhole plays like a rubbish version of The Hole (the Keira Knightley one), with the shocking script leaving cast gasping and gurning through a sea of cliché.” Games Radar

“A sizeable chunk of the budget looks like it has been spent on lashings of blood, fake appendages, rubbery eyeballs and a gleaming set of surgical apparatus (there’s a maniac in the basement wearing scrubs). But for all the gore, Spiderhole wants for genuine frights; it’s a kind of Saw for beginners.” The Guardian

“It’s a disappointing start for this young director. The story is weak and not particularly original, but he shows considerable skill behind the camera and the cast is solid across the board. The cinematography is extremely effective, and the old house provides the perfect setting for the film.” Horror DNA

” …not bad enough to qualify as a train wreck, and what little it does (relatively) right has been done better. If you want to see kids get killed, the body count is too low and kills too bland to compete even with 1980s sequels, let alone newer stuff. If you want torture, the Hostels deliver and give decent stories to go along with them…” Horror Movie a Day


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” …a weak blend of Saw II, Hostel and the 2001 flick The Hole. So, as far as recommending Spiderhole I would have to say that it the sort of horror flick that is geared towards folk that don’t usually watch horror films might enjoy. Aside from that, it is a case of seen it all before and seen it done better. A wasted opportunity.” The Lair of Filth

Spiderhole comes from a production team with little in the way of big titles behind them, but it’s quite surprising given the quality of this nasty little number. Unpleasantness and tension are applied in good measure throughout and carry on right through to the sticky end.” Love Horror

“It’s a claustrophobic piece in the fashionable sadistic mode of Hostel and Saw – and indeed a saw of the manual rather than chain variety is turned to graphic use, and not for firewood. Murky, morbid and unconvincing.” The Observer

” …the suspense is strong enough to carry us through. It’s not enough to make this a macabre standard, but Spiderhole does have its moments. The setting and situation alone are worthy of consideration and the “what’s happening here?” element does move us over and beyond some of the storyline’s more misguided approaches.” Pop Matters

” …a crude, by-the-numbers slasher, enlivened by some half-decent photography but ruined by the appalling dialogue and forgettable, plum-voiced cast. A last-ditch twist provides a momentary flicker of interest, but by then it’s far too little, far too late.” Time Out


Cast and characters:

Emma Griffiths Malin … Molly Kaine
Reuben-Henry Biggs … Luke
Amy Noble … Zoe
George Maguire … Toby
John E. Regan … The Captor
Moya Farrelly … Doctor
Kevin Hannafin … Art School Teacher
Malcolm George … News Reporter
Kevin Goodman … Waiting room patient 1
Alphonse A. Lanza … Waiting room patient 2
Alanna Mahaaraj … Doctor’s Receptionist
Aife Mahony … Young Daisy
Stephanie Tobin … Older Daisy
Petra Skodova … Art Class Model
Joanne O’Sullivan … Art class student
Naimh Hennessey …Art class student
Gary Brosnan … Art class student
Dierdre Mahony … Art class student
Samuel Kemp … Art class student
Osvaldo De Ouandos … Art class student
Laura O’Sullivan … Art class student
Liam Hewson … Art class student
Jerry Fitzgerald … Art class student
Daniel Riordan … Art class student

Filming locations:

London, England
Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland

Technical details:

79 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital

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