Entwined (2019) reviews and overview of Greek fantasy horror film

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‘She is not what she seems’

Entwined is a 2019 Greek-British fantasy horror feature film about city doctor that falls for a village woman with a mysterious skin condition.

Directed and produced by Minos Nikolakakis from a screenplay by John De Holland, who also stars, alongside Prometheus Aleifer, Maria Eglezaki and Anastasia Rafaella Konidi.


Panos (Prometheus Aleifer), a city doctor, relocates his practice to a remote village and quickly falls for Danae (Anastasia Rafaella Konidi), who lives in isolation with a mysterious skin condition. Determined to find Danae a cure, Panos learns of her dark secret and that all is not what it seems…


Entwined will be released by Dark Star Pictures in virtual theaters on August 28th, 2020, with a North American VOD release following on September 8th.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Nikolakakis deftly mixes folklore and ancient Greek mythology and gives it a modern angle to create a story in which Eros and Thanatos go hand in hand, rather than being opposed to one another. It is an intimate and atmospheric arthouse horror film in which the forest setting plays a big role.” Cineuropa

“This is a very simplistic and self-contained narrative, and perhaps the one lingering question is whether it’s too slight, or indeed if it has enough substance in it to justify a feature-length film. It pulls it off, but only just […] Entwined is a dark and soulful interpretation of folklore…” Crooked Marquee

” …stalwart short film director Minos Nikolakakis turns to his feature debut with the extraordinary neo fairy tale Entwined, weaving the folkloric textures of the old into a contemporary scenario with profound results.” Film Int.

” …Entwined is a great example of why sometimes it’s important to stop playing hero and let things flow as it does. Panos makes the real move of a gentleman that will cause him to not only lose his freedom but the loss of mind with the woman he learns to love in an unprecedented way.” Let the Movie Move Us

Cast and characters:

Prometheus Aleifer … Panos
John De Holland … George
Maria Eglezaki … Athena
Anastasia Rafaella Konidi … Danae
Kostas Laskos … The Old Man
Manos Vakousis … Police Officer

Technical details:

Audio: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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