NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD (2020) Reviews and overview


Nothing But the Blood is a 2020 American thriller feature film about a small-town journalist who is sent to cover the opening of a controversial church. As the ministry digs its roots into the town and its residents, her life takes an unexpected, violent turn that will shake her foundations to their very core…

Written and directed by Daniel Tucker (Ashes to Ashes), the Lola Cat Productions movie stars Rachel Hudson (The Place We Hide; Ashes to Ashes), Jordan O’Neal (The Sawyer Massacre: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan Film), Nick Triola and Les Best.


Nothing But The Blood is about as micro-budget as you can get (yet the effects are very well done and don’t look it), Tucker manages to make it all work with a compelling, intelligent story (including a vicious climax) with a willingness to give his film a real position on a topic that most would avoid.” Haddonfield Horror

“Tucker’s passion for the film’s subject is obvious throughout, and he shows that he has a flair for helming both drama and horror material. With Nothing But the Blood, he and his cast and crew have crafted a feature that sometimes belies its budget in delivering a tension-driven slice of independent cinema.” Horror Fuel

“The characters gelled well, the contrast between those inside the church, outside it, and torn between created some visible tension, and a couple of distinctly cold moments in the drama stood out and gave me a real jolt each time. There were some major issues with the writing, though…” Ready Steady Cut!

Nothing But the Blood tries to cram in so many ideas, many of them worthwhile, about religious fanaticism, patriarchal cults, and non-egalitarian values, that it rarely has time to explore or examine them in anything except perfunctory, superficial detail. The plot also drives the characters, especially Jessica, rather than character driving the plot…” Screen Anarchy

“Rooted in the real world, this is the kind of horror that is the terrifying of all when done right […] It’s a timely and chilling look at the fanaticism and hypocrisy of fundamentalism. And a reminder that religious extremism isn’t just a jihadist suicide bomber.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Rachel Hudson … Jessica
Jordan O’Neal … Thomas
Nick Triola … Michael
Les Best … Father
Vivian Glazier … Katie
Jordan Hancock … Georgine
Austin Lynn Hall … Seth
April Hartman … Dani
Aria Goodson … Arcadia
Logan Chase … Daryll
Colin Helpio … Young Man
Brad Cabral … Goon 1
Jack Cast … Goon 2
Fontessa E. Booker … Judgmental Woman 1
Michelle Masker … Judgmental Woman 2

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