NICOLE (2019) Reviews of comedy horror film [updated]


Nicole is a 2019 American dark comedy horror-thriller film about a first date that goes horribly wrong with a dire outcome.

Written and directed by James Schroeder, the movie stars Tamika Shannon, Stephen Wesley Green and Tre Lockhart.


Nicole makes for memorable viewing despite its brief 75-minute runtime by delving deeply into the small and simple story it chooses to tell. Smooth tonal shifts and clear intuitive aesthetics allow Nicole to shift between genres, styles and situations with ease. It is an effective comedic social satire whilst crucially succeeding in evoking genuine terror which may make you wince and squirm in your seat.” BRWC

“So little of what happens here even remotely qualifies as a genre effort as the majority of the film is concerned with her unchecked alcoholism sneaking drinks at work or on the date or just meeting his skeevy personality with his random hookups that nothing of any interest happens. Nothing really works here, and even the date itself is barely worthwhile…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

” …the film is a nod to the #MeToo movement, with a line of “You Harvey Weinstein motherF—er” thrown in the mix. I enjoy this premise alone, but the addition of Nicole’s psychosis makes it all the more interesting. Altogether it’s a very satisfying film that […] also has great music by Michael Barnes, Josh Coleman, and Raoul Klokow. Nicole is another great addition to the indie-horror echelon…” Film Threat

“At a mere 74 minute running time, Nicole tells its story effectively and efficiently. While the film never feels rushed, perhaps owing to the story itself being rather slight, everything unfolds rather breezily and, at times, quite hilariously […] While it’s not necessarily a film for the gorehounds, leaning more toward thriller, it’s a creative and intelligent film that is worth checking out.” The Independent Film Critic

“The film really picks up steam in the third act, when the line between reality and what is going on in one’s head starts to – er – bleed. Is what we’re seeing real, or imagined? I love that kind of story, as the possibilities are unlimited. The conversations start to become a bit surrealistic and way more interesting. There is a nice touch of blood and body parts, without being overly graphic…” Indie Horror Films

Cast and characters:

Tamika Shannon … Nicole
Stephen Wesley Green … John
Tre Lockhart … Gary
Nijah Brenea … Co-Worker
Darian Wright … Female Co-Worker
Ke’Shawn Bussey … Male Co-Worker
Madeline Brumby … Hardware Store Clerk

Technical details:

75 minutes
Black and white
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1