NO WAY OUT (2020) Reviews of camping trip horror pic with teaser trailer


No Way Out is a 2020 American horror film about two couples on a camping trip that discover they are not alone in the woods.

Directed by Joe Hamilton from a screenplay by producer Chris Levine (Bad Bones; Woods of Ash; The Handler; Await the Dawn) who also stars, the movie also features Johanna Rae, Christopher McGahan and Jennifer Karraz.


“Team Levine-Hamilton know that they’re not a proven commodity and that they’re asking a lot for us to purchase a stream — so they keep the narrative down to a tight 78 minutes. Perfect. So kudos to production designer Joe Hamilton, in his directing-producing debut, for giving us a product that’s above the horror-streaming norms.” B&S About Movies

“Aside from not being able to relate to the characters, who more or less meander about asking each other what they should do or not do next, No Way Out can’t find a way out of the nonsensical design to shepherd audiences into the throes of character plight and make the hairpin turn toward revealing the abhorrent culprit of their situational terror.” It’s Bloggin’ Evil!

“As confused as I was with some parts of this I was never bored, even if I could never get entirely on board with the predicament the characters were meant to be in. Special effects are kept to a minimum, but when they are needed they are perfectly adequate. No Way Out is an attractive horror that creates a good feeling of atmosphere, however, the slightly barebones plot left me wanting just a little more.” The Rotting Zombie

No Way Out sure is a very tight outdoors thriller, a film that understands to create a creepy atmosphere and only brings out the worst of its beautiful backdrops. And it really works well in that context that the script stays very vague in regards to backstory and makes no attempt to explain everything away, instead uses the mystery to enhance the mood even more.” Search My Trash

” …No Way Out can be hard to follow, at times annoyingly so. Once the script finally shows it’s hand, however, most of the pieces fall into place nicely. I say most because there are still a few things that didn’t entirely make sense at the film’s end […] Regardless of that, No Way Out is an entertaining film if you stick with it and pay attention.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Chris Levine … Blake
Johanna Rae … Jessica
Christopher McGahan … Kyle
Jennifer Karraz … Norah

Fun Facts:

Director Joe Hamilton was production designer on The Frankenstein Theory (2013).

Filming title:


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